Stop everything – call Senator Hutchison about bike funding now!

The League of American Bicyclists sent this to one of our board members.  It could not be more urgent for everyone who supports bicycle infrastructure, in light of Michael Tripp McNair’s horrific accident with a vehicle and is currently fighting for his life.  He was a meticulously observant vehicular cyclist who followed all rules and still was hit by a car.

PLEASE follow the instructions below to contact Senator Hutchinson:

Dear Fellow Cyclist,
I woke up this morning with a true sense of urgency: I couldn’t bear to see 20 years of progress swept away without trying everything to save biking and walking in the Transportation bill. I hope I can share that sense of urgency with you and ask you to take just a couple of minutes to call Senator Hutchison – today. Right now.

An e-mail may not be enough – please call the district office for your Senator.

Senator Hutchison plays a key role in this debate. Please let her know that bicycle and pedestrian safety is important to you – and 83% of Americans. Urge her to pass a transportation bill that incorporates the bicycle and pedestrian provisions passed in the Senate’s bipartisan transportation bill (MAP-21).
If you need more information, please read these pieces, and share them with your friends.
Thank you so much for your action on behalf of bicycle and pedestrian safety and access.
Andy Clarke
President, League of American Bicyclists

Call Senator Hutchison at 214-361-3500 then click through to our action center to let us know that you called, and what response you received.

Talking points:
  • As your constituent I am calling today to urge you to pass a transportation bill that preserves funding for important bicycling and walking programs
  • Local communities must have access to these funds to ensure that safe bicycling and walking condition are provided to save lives
  • Over 4,212 pedestrians died in Texas between 2001 and 2010.
  • Having saddled communities with unsafe streets, it would be the height of cruelty for Congress now to take away resources from local communities trying to improve those conditions and save lives.
  • Please let me know where Senator Hutchison stands on this important issue

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