All Major US Cities beating Dallas for on-street bike infrastructure

The Dallas Observer has posted several articles recently highlighting the struggle our city has in installing a single mile worth of on street bike facilities. Meanwhile, the above graphic is from the Detroit Free Press highlighting the fact that even the “Motor City” has begun buildout of multiple miles worth of onstreet bike lanes.

Below is a list of the top 30 US cities by population…of all the cities listed, Dallas is the only one with no on-street bike lanes. Also, of the cities listed, almost half have upped the ante by applying for and receiving official “Bike Friendly Communities” status from the League of American Bicyclists, which means they have shown a high dedication to the LAB’s “5 E’s”: engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation and planning.

Another noteworthy point is that all of the US “World-Class” Cities (NYC, LA, SF, Chicago) , as well as some of the top US destinations (Boston, Denver, Austin, Portland) are on the BFC list.

1. New York (LAB Silver)
2. Los Angeles (LAB Honorable Mention)
3. Chicago (LAB BF Silver)
4. Houston
5. Philadelphia
6. Phoenix (LAB Honorable Mention)
7. San Antonio
8. San Diego
9. Dallas Only US City without on street bicycle infrastructure
10. San Jose
11. Jacksonville
12. Indianapolis
13. San Francisco (LAB Gold)
14. Austin (LAB Silver)
15. Columbus
16. Fort Worth
17. Charlotte (LAB Bronze)
18. Detroit
19. El Paso
20. Memphis (LAB Honorable Mention)
21. Baltimore (LAB Bronze)
22. Boston (LAB Silver)
23. Seattle (LAB Gold)
24. Washington (LAB Silver)
25. Nashville
26. Denver (LAB Silver)
27. Louisville
28. Milwaukee
29. Portland (LAB Platinum)
30. Las Vegas

In related news, Dallas was ranked 5th in the nation for highest rates of heart disease and obesity in the country by Prevention Magazine, with the comment “despite its big city status, only 7% of Dallas residents’ trips are taken by foot or bike, according to the Alliance for Biking and Walking.” Given our lack of bicycle infrastructure, this is understandable.


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  3. It’s disappointing to read that “Dallas currently has no bike infrastructure.” This City’s previously-adopted 1985 Dallas Bike Plan designated some 350 miles of interconnected on-street signed and reasonably ‘bike-friendly’ Bike Routes that are still out there, still signed, and still (generally) quite rideable. These were fully signed and mapped by the early nineties, plus the City has created another 100+ miles of off-street trails, many of which connect through otherwise impassable barriers to local bicycle mobility. And many more miles of trails are in the works.

    This is common knowledge to those of us who didn’t just get here, or who’ve just awakened to the realities of urban revitalization. Yes, these things take a while – but we’re hardly at ground zero.

    Improvements on the horizon? We hope so. Having the institutional processes well underway (since early 80’s) puts us miles of smiles ahead of most cities – even most regions. So don’t give us up for dead just yet. Go pedal! (Like your health depends on it!) It only gets easier with time in the saddle. 🙂

  4. Bud, the post states: “The only US city without on street bicycle infrastructure”.

    Trails are off-street. Bike Routes are onstreet, but they’re not dedicated bicycle infrastructure, but signed roadways whose priority remains auto-centric.

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