Seventh Street Bicycle Boulevard passes TIF board unanimously!

Just left the Davis Street TIF board meeting where the plans for changing Seventh Street into a bicycle boulevard were unanimously passed! Look for more details on this project as it moves forward. A bicycle boulevard or “greenway” is simply a pedestrian/bicycle prioritized street. Cars are still able to use the roadway, but the street is marked, signed, and calmed for cyclists and walkers. This will be the first greenway of its kind in Dallas. Many cities across the US have already adopted these to great success (see video above).


  1. Will this include the removal of the stop signs on Seventh—so riders don’t have to stop at each block—and placing them on the streets running parallel? That would be great.

  2. We’ve suggested installing traffic circles at most intersections.

  3. I’m such a ding dong; I meant perpendicular—I think you realized that, though. Sounds awesome. I hope it happens.

  4. I remember when there was a traffic circle at loop 12 & Cockrell Hill. They pulled it because of all the accidents.

  5. That was a roundabout…a traffic circle is rarely over 8 feet in diameter and located at residential streets. They’ve been shown to consistently beat stop signs and in Seattle reduced accidents by 94% within the first year of buildout:

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