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Dallas Bike Ridership Up 219%

Hat tip to Howard Draper of Bike Friendly Denton for forwarding us the latest report from the League of American Bicyclists noting the rates of bicycle ridership in the 70 largest cities in the US. While Dallas still ranks low for overall ridership, we had the highest percentage increase of all the cities ranked with […]

NYC’s bike lanes reducing injuries by 50% for all modes of transit and bringing out more riders

  This is an inspiring video from StreetFilms where they’ve interviewed women who have begun taking up bicycling in greater numbers in NYC. Dallas’ bike consultant, Peter Lagerway, mentioned that bicycle infrastructure brings out more cyclists, but seeing it here first hand is heartening. The other incredible statistic is that injury rates for ALL modes […]

Bicycling NYC’s new infrastructure

We took the family to New York City this past week to get a first hand look at all of the new infrastructure projects taking place throughout the city. First off, I’d like to note that it is amazing how much has changed in so short a time. We bicycled and walked throughout Manhattan for […]

GOOD Magazine Graphic Notes Correlation Between Ridership and City Planning

A friend of BFOC forwards along an article from FastCompany that includes this great infographic from GOOD magazine which notes the correlation between the exponential growth in bicycling/walking and the amount of funds directed toward developing communities that embrace these modes. This chart shows how developing for multi-modes creates tangible change for regions.

It’s all about who we elect

With the recent win of bike friendly advocate Eric Cowan to DISD Board of Trustees, it’s important to note that what truly moves a city forward is electing officials who are passionate about changing the status quo. The video below shows Long Beach’s recent change to a major bicycle friendly community, all due to the […]

Three Major Bike Infrastructure News Stories this Week in the US

(photo by With the rapid pace US cities are beginning to adopt complete streets initiatives, each week seems to offer a new amazing story. This week, three areas took the headlines: – Fort Worth city council unanimously endorsed the Bike Fort Worth plan, which will bring 900 miles worth of trails and bike lanes […]

Portland set to become the next Amsterdam

(photo by J. Maus) If you haven’t been paying attention, head over to and check out the latest news on the city’s extremely progressive bike plan to install 700 MILES WORTH of bike paths, with 300+ being developed as European styled, separated bike lanes. They’ve set an ambitious goal of increasing ridership to 25% […]

Bicycle Boulevards Explained on Streetsblog

Streetsblog highlights Bicycle Boulevards in yesterday’s post. These are exciting people first street concepts which have been used to great success in other cities around the world. The streets allow residents to comfortably drive to their residences, but discourage through traffic with special focus on bicycling. The end results are a safer street for children […]

Being Judged by the Deadliest City for Pedestrians in the Nation

(intersection in Orlando) While Dallas develops its plan for implementing complete streets, and moves away from its Vehicular Cyclist past of developing roads for cars over people (where bicyclists simply adapt), it’s important to note that other cities still struggle with coordinators who stop positive change for dogma at all costs. We’ve regularly noted how […]

Data Returns from Pilot Dedicated Bike Lane Show Across the Board Reductions in Accidents

(9th Avenue Cycle Track, Photo from Flickr user AllwayNY) We had noted the 66% increase in ridership after New York installed 200 miles of bicycle infrastructure in 3 years. Now the data returns from the 9th Avenue pilot dedicated bicycle lane (physically separated) project is in, and showing the following results: • a 36% reduction […]