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Dallas Ranks in Top 15 for Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

Early last week, Transportation For America and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership released a study of the most dangerous streets in the country for pedestrians among areas of at least a million residents. Dallas ranked 13th, which fortunately beat out Houston’s 8th place ranking. Of the top 10 cities, all were located in the deep […]

NYC Bicycling Up 66% in 2 Years After Installation of 200 Miles of Bike Facilities!

Streetsblog has just posted the latest ridership numbers released by the New York City Department of Transportation and over a two year period, they’ve seen an increase of 66% in ridership! What’s changed in that time? Over the last three years, they’ve installed 200 miles worth of bicycle facilities. And what about fatality rates compared […]

Streetfilms Video on New York Bike Lane Installations

It’s hard to believe how far New York City has come with it’s bicycle infrastructure work in such a short time period. Hiring expert planners and engineers from Denmark proved to be a stroke of genius, and seeing the ridership levels grow is a testimony to the ideas of Jan Gehl, Soren Jenson, and others. […]

Philly Bike Lane: If You Build it They Will Come

@IBIKEDALLAS forwarded along this link from the Philadelphia Bicycle News blog. It notes bicycle traffic pre-bike lane and post, and shows multiple increases of 90% and even one with a 230% increase. They state, “Look for a complete 2009 Bicycle Count Report later this fall.” which should cite each month’s ridership numbers for the year. […]

How to bring bicycle boulevards to your community guide

Reconnecting America has just uploaded a handbook for those who want to bring modern bicycle boulevards to their communities created by the Initiative for Bicycle & Pedestrian Innovation and Alta Planning + Design. For those unfamiliar with bicycle boulevards, the guide notes that they are “In essence…low-volume and low-speed streets that have been optimized for […]

New York Unveils Latest Bike Lane Project

New York City just unveiled their latest bike lane project, the Budnick Bikeway. Check out the incredible before and after pictures as the roads transformed from vehicular only to streets with facilities.

More National Organizations Endorsing Complete Streets

We mentioned the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent endorsement of bicycle lanes to curb obesity trends along with the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Ray LaHood, citing Portland as THE model for 21st century US city planning, and it now appears more organizations are coming online in support each month. The […]

Freakonomics Article on Bicycle Inflation in Bike Crazed Cities

A BFOCer forwarded us this interesting article on the prices of bicycles in bike-obsessed cities.

Thoughtful Post

Ecovelo offers this thoughtful post regarding the Facility Advocate vs. Vehicular Cycling quibble.

New Painted Sharrow Lane in Long Beach

A BFOC member forwarded us the following video and article showing the new painted sharrow lane in Long Beach. This is pretty groundbreaking, as it’s not a bike lane, but simply a painted marking for cyclists. Features interviews with bike shop owners, activists, and cyclists to get their first impressions. Looks like it’s a hit.