Philly Bike Lane: If You Build it They Will Come

@IBIKEDALLAS forwarded along this link from the Philadelphia Bicycle News blog. It notes bicycle traffic pre-bike lane and post, and shows multiple increases of 90% and even one with a 230% increase. They state, “Look for a complete 2009 Bicycle Count Report later this fall.” which should cite each month’s ridership numbers for the year.

A few things I’d like to see in the full report are the numbers from Spring, as school would be in session (as presumably had effect on Fall’s numbers), and weather would be more in line with Fall. Also, this wouldn’t indicate a ridership increase necessarily, as Dill’s PSU bike lane study notes that people who ride will go out of their way to bicycle on a street with bicycle lanes. Existing riders may have just re-directed their paths to those with facilities. Would also like to see the gender breakdown, and what male/female ridership was prior. Will report more as we know.

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