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Anita Bikes!

Everyone Bikes: Anita Mills

Everyone poops and everyone bikes. This is the first in a series of short bios of neighborhood cyclists. Meet your neighbor, Anita, she bikes too. Anita Mills: 66 yrs, Gardening Consultant, Bishop Arts Neighborhood Cyclist Questionnaire: 1. Why do you ride? Health – recreation 2. Type of riding? Short errands in neighborhood, exercise 3. Where […]

Happy Holidays Dallas!

Let’s go for a bike ride over the river and through the woods! This time of year bicycles magically appear under the Christmas Tree or near the Hanukkah Menorah, so let’s break out the ol’ 10 Speed and revive the holiday spirit! One of my most useful bike routes around Dallas is from Oak Cliff […]

Cycling Pegasus

No Better Way to Start the Day!

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning and take ourselves to work. For me, I find the little push I need on two wheels. I didn’t always commute to work on a bicycle, so I know it can be intimidating and takes preparation. A good step […]

Meeting at City Hall TODAY re Fort Worth Avenue Bike Lanes

From the Forth Worth Avenue Development Group: Dear Supporter of Fort Worth Avenue Development Group,    The City of Dallas is having a public meeting TODAY, Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 4 pm to solicit Fort Worth Avenue stakeholder input on proposed thoroughfare amendments which include reducing the number of travel lanes on Fort Worth […]

Philly Bike Lane: If You Build it They Will Come

@IBIKEDALLAS forwarded along this link from the Philadelphia Bicycle News blog. It notes bicycle traffic pre-bike lane and post, and shows multiple increases of 90% and even one with a 230% increase. They state, “Look for a complete 2009 Bicycle Count Report later this fall.” which should cite each month’s ridership numbers for the year. […]

Build for Women, and Ridership will increase

(image from Copenhagencyclechic.com) We’ve noted this on multiple occasions here at BFOC, but this recent article in Scientific American goes into greater depth: “Addressing women’s concerns about safety and utility “will go a long way” toward increasing the number of people on two wheels.” Rutgers Planning Professor and bike scholar, John Pucher (who we’ve noted […]

Reason #328 To Advocate For Dedicated Bicycle Lanes / Cycle Tracks

Still feel like taking the lane?