Meeting at City Hall TODAY re Fort Worth Avenue Bike Lanes

From the Forth Worth Avenue Development Group:

Dear Supporter of Fort Worth Avenue Development Group, 

The City of Dallas is having a public meeting TODAY, Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 4 pm to solicit Fort Worth Avenue stakeholder input on proposed thoroughfare amendments which include reducing the number of travel lanes on Fort Worth Avenue from six to four between N. Beckley and Hampton and adding bicycle lanes along the corridor.  The meeting will be held at City Hall in the L1FN Conference Room A.  For more information, contact Tanya Brooks in the Public Works Department at 214-243-2083.



  1. I attended the meeting and found out some interesting things. The project has been extended from Hampton to Westmoreland! If all goes well money wise the project should be completed in 2015. The first segment will be installed between Sylvan and Pitman (Belmont Hotel and Chicken Scratch/ Foundry). Planers have began to consider options for how this track will eventually connect to Downtown. Construction on Beckley/Commerce is scheduled to began in about six months.

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