More info on the Polaride from


Ok, here’s the scoop….

Team & individual entries should be emailed in advance to
Deadline for this is October 15.
Just include your team name and the names of all members of your team.
Entries will be accepted up to the start of the event but we’d like a
heads up so we can print your team name on cards to be proudly
displayed along w/ your photos at the award ceremony at 6:30pm at
Cyclesomatic wrap up party in Bishop Arts District.

Next, be sure to have your bike tires filled w/ air and your camera
(film/digital/polaroid) ready to shoot.


1. a sharpie
2. a place to develop/print your photos
3. a camera (film, digital, instax or polaroid)
4. a bike
5. a map of Oak Cliff and the Bishop Arts District
6. a sense of adventure


1. ONE camera per team
2. Limit of FOUR people per team
3. participants must be on bikes, no cars allowed
4. items on the list may only be used once
5. you may include more than one item per photo
6. no retouching or photoshopping! (duh)
7. you don’t have to get a photo of every item on the list, but the
more you get, the better your chances at being PHOTO BIKE SCAVENGER
8. arrive back at home base with your printed pictures, ready for us
to hang/display by 1pm
9. you must write your TEAM or INDIVIDUAL NAME and THE ITEM YOU SHOT
FROM THE LIST on the back of each photo (we must be able to read this
so please print clearly)
10. only 25 prints per team accepted, and they must be printed when
you arrive back to home base at the 1pm deadline, on 4×6 PHOTO paper
(matte or glossy), or Polaroid, or other instant camera print sizes.
11. the team/individual with the most photos from the list wins, if we
have more than one team/individual w/ all 25 photos from the list, we
go by whomever arrived back to home base first.
12. a photo of a photo of a listed item does not count
13. some of the items on the list will designate that one of more team members
must be in the photo, be sure to pay attention
14. be creative and have fun!

Participants will meet at Eno’s at 9:45am on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17th,
where you will be given THE LIST of items to shoot from bikes around
Oak Cliff.
407 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, TX 75208-4658
(214) 943-9200

*Deadline for the hunt is 1pm and we’ll meet back at Eno’s.
Be sure to include time for printing your photos! The winners will be
determined during the Lee Harvey history ride hosted by BFOC at 2:30pm, and winners to be announced at wrap party & award ceremony to be held at Eno’s at 6:30pm.

We’ll have 25 items on our list, and the team or individual to return
first with all 25 wins a spectacular prize (as well as the respect and
admiration of their peers)
The winning team/individual photos plus other team/individual
honorable mention pictures (Best Photo, Most Original, Best Use of
Bike, etc) will be posted to the week of November 1st.


  1. Would a 20 month old be considered a team member? We could have a team of 4 plus our 20 month nephew making it 5?

  2. Okay so is the team limit 4 mean no more than four or at least four? Can there be a team of two?

  3. photopolus · ·

    @Art – yes your nephew can most certainly play, and since he sounds a little too young to ride a bike or take a photo, we won’t count him as a ture #5 team member. @David – a team of two works great. Last year we had a team of one. 4 is the limit per team (with exception of little ones)… Thanks guys, can’t wait!

  4. yes, you can have a team of two.

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