Bishop Arts gets the first car parking space converted to permanent bike parking in Dallas

Permanent Bike Parking in Bishop Arts

The single tenet that BFOC helped promote in the recently passed Bishop Davis Land Use study was to allow businesses to supplement the zoning requirements for car parking with bike parking.  Prior to the study, many of our historic structures were unleaseable by business owners due to having too few parking spaces required by code. Today, Oddfellows, the new coffee bistro in Oak Cliff,  took the first initiative by replacing a car parking space in front of its building with a bench that was outfitted with wheel racks crafted by local artists and welders.  The space that formerly held a single vehicle now can accommodate up to 10 bikes.

We’ll be seeing more of these installations in the coming months, so stay tuned!


  1. This is really awesome but I’d love to see more secure racks. A U-lock through the rear triangle is the best way but racks like these won’t support that.

  2. You should still be able to by simply turning your bike around and locking through the braces…I’ll test it this afternoon.

  3. I wouldn’t worry, you have the local bike theft prevention hero Jeremy Ordaz around the corner.

  4. David Rodriguez · ·

    I wish I had one of these in my apartment complex. Two bikes inside my tiny apartment sure does take up a lot of space.

  5. @stuart

    Just tested it out parking backwards…it works perfect.

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