Oak Cliff residents turn a blighted, trash-filled median into a neighborhood dog park

fidooakcliff was formed in 2010 to help promote development of a public dog park in Oak Cliff. After meeting with members of Team Better Block, the groups decided to collaborate and build their own neighborhood dog park using new and reclaimed materials over a weekend. The groups found a public median on Polk Street which had become an unsightly dumping ground filled with broken glass, overgrown weeds, and random trash. On the same site, a 100 year old pecan tree with branches that hung to the ground was trimmed back and became the focal point of the clean-up effort.

Prior to this event, the city had been discussing development of a 5 acre dog park miles away from the community, but thanks to this project, City Councilwoman Delia Jasso is now asking that the group continue to hold a pop-up dog park for the next three months while she works to make this small, neighborhood park permanent.

The location is also part of 6 green spaces identified by the N. Polk St Beautification Project for revitalization.


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