Donate to iBike Rosemont: Creating Safe Routes to School in Oak Cliff

Over the past couple of years, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff has advocated for the use of a bicycle as an alternative mode of transportation throughout Oak Cliff and the entire city.  It’s group rides have brought out more first-time and old-time bicyclists, and reacquainted them with bicycling again.  BFOC has helped lead the efforts that created the first updated Dallas bike plan in over 20 years.  Those efforts are starting to come to fruition with iBike Rosemont.

iBike Rosemont is one of several early demonstration and implementation efforts identified in the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan that will be hitting the pavement within the next several months, but it won’t happen unless we get your support!  We are actively speaking to local businesses and community leaders to raise $5,000 towards the costs of the project.  Please consider donating in large or small amounts what you can!  It’s important that we get private community support in order to get these improvements made. 

Or stop by Sunday, August 7th at 4pm to celebrate Eno’s third year anniversary fundraiser for iBike Rosemont.  Click here for the details!

iBike Rosemont week at Eno's for a rootbeer float

The plan is to create the first Safe Routes to School bicycle infrastructure near Rosemont Elementary’s upper campus located at Mary Cliff Rd and Stephen Forest Dr.  BFOC has identified and outlined the following draft plan based on input from the school administrators, parents, and this past school years iBike Rosemont week sucesses:

  • Bicycle infrastructure:
    • include a two-way buffered bike lane along the northside Stephens Forest Dr from Mary Cliff Rd to Stephen’s Village Dr.
    • include one-way buffered bike lanes along Mary Cliff Rd
  • Pedestrian enhancements
    • raised cross walk on Stephens Forest Dr extending the direct walkway perpendicular to the school’s entrance
      • signage for yielding and dismounting bicycle
      • painted unloading zone and signage on opposite side of Stephen’s Forest to allow parents to drop off children who are traveling east bound on Stephen’s Forest
    • re-paint cross walks at Mary Cliff and Stephens Forest Dr
    • paint cross walks at apartment driveway on Stephen Forest Dr and at intersection of Stephen’s Village Dr
  • Street enhancements
    • planters/bollards within 2 turnouts along Stephens Forest Dr to deter parents from doing U-turns
  • Bicycle parking
    • Increase front door parking units to 50-100 bicycles
    • Use cage as overflow

One comment

  1. John McCalib · ·

    “One-way buffered bike lanes on Mary Cliff Road” , I would like to know where it starts and ends? What do you mean by buffered lanes on a two way street? Will this be in front of the soccer field, where parents come with their famliy after school? Will it extend to the Twelve Hills Nature Center? Or will it only be behind Rosemont primary where there is plenty of extra wide road only?

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