Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt | Sunday, 10.16 and BFOC are bringing back the Bicycle Photo Scavenger hunt this Sunday! Grab your bike, grab your camera, and come on over to Eno’s at 12:00 this Sunday for another adventure on two wheels.  Sign up at  Teams can be from 1 to 4 people.  An after party will be held in the alley beside Eno’s from 4 to 6 with an awards ceremony, a display of the team’s pictures, and music by DJ Big J of the Clever Monkeys! Did we mention that the winning team will receive dinner and drinks from Eno’s (up to a $75 value). The second-place team scores tickets to the Dallas Museum of Art. Sweet action.



  1. 12:00
    Check in at Eno’s.

    Ride off with your list of items/tasks/adventures to photograph.

    4:00 p.m.
    Check in with your pictures in hand.

    DJ Big J of the Clever Monkeys spinning after-party tunes in the alley next to Eno’s. Awards ceremony with prizes. You don’t have to participate to attend.

    Team and individual entries can be emailed in advance to Include your team name and team member names with “PhotoVelo Entry” as the subject line. Entries will be accepted at 12 on the day of the ride.

    Somewhere to develop/print your photos
    Camera (film, digital or Polaroid)
    Map of Oak Cliff

    Highest Scoring Team
    Overall Most Creative Team
    Judge’s Single Fave Pic

    -ONE camera per team.
    -Participants must be on bikes, no cars allowed.
    -Items on the list may only be used once.
    -You may include more than one item per photo.
    -No retouching or photoshopping!
    -You don’t have to get a photo of every item on the list
    Arrive back at home base with your printed pictures, ready for us to hang/display by 4 p.m.
    -You must write your TEAM or INDIVIDUAL NAME and THE ITEM YOU SHOT FROM THE LIST on the back of each photo (we must be able to read this so please print clearly).
    -Only 20 prints per team accepted.
    -Pictures must be printed on 4×6 photo paper (matte or glossy), Polaroid, or other instant camera print sizes.
    -The team/individual with the most photos from the list wins, if we have more than one team/individual with all 20 photos from the list, we go by whomever arrived back to home base first.
    -A photo of a photo of a listed item does not count
    -Some of the items on the list will designate that a team member must be in the photo, be sure to pay attention.
    -Be creative and have fun!

    Spread the word! Invite your friends!

    Poster design: Elliott Munoz

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