Update: Ride to Deep Ellum Brewing Company Grand Opening

20111209-221336.jpg*Sorry to those downtown about not showing up.  Circumstances beyond my control caused me to deter my plans that day.  No one showed in Oak Cliff and I only update our FB page, not the blog.  Hope those that went had a good time! ~Jonathan


Let’s ride to the inaugural Deep Ellum Brewing Company Saturday, December 17th, 2-6pm.

Meet at Bishop and 7th at 1pm to ride over. Will leave at 6pm for those wanting to ride back as a group. NO DWB’s!

$10 for a tour, complimentary beer, and a souvenir glass. See ya there!


  1. Liliana: We’ll swing by Main Street Garden by 1:45pm. Thanks!

  2. Sorry I missed ya’ll. Biked over and saw several bikes parked by the fence outside. Fun event!

  3. Where was everyone? No one showed up??

  4. Justin: I’m sorry about that. No one showed in Oak Cliff to ride over and i just had my bicycle stolen, and needed to handle that. I posted to our FB page but neglected to update our blog.

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