Welcome Bike Friendly Mckinney!

Just got word there is a new Bike Friendly up north in Mckinney.  It’s great seeing bicycle advocacy spread!

Here’s their mission:

Welcome to Bike Friendly McKinney! This blog is intended to help communicate current events and all things bicycle to the 2-wheel residents of McKinney, Texas. We invite everyone to participate – if you have an event coming up that is bicycle oriented (Church function, scout event, high-school fundraiser) let us know. If you are a prolific writer and would like to help create news blogs or cover events, contact us and we’ll arrange for you to be a regular contributor.

They’re also into Fixing Disconnected Neighborhoods and looking to get local support for the McKinney on-street bike plan!  Nice work you guys and welcome to the Bike Friendly Family!

On a similar note that we missed posting to our website, Plano recently passed a Safe Passing ordinance within their city limits!  My home town has always been a great place to ride trails and now the streets are getting safer as well, nice work Warren Casteel and the rest of the folks who’ve worked for years on bicycle advocacy in Plano and beyond.


  1. Sherry Peel · ·

    Actually ~ this is more of a question…
    Has Bike Friendly Oak Cliff brainstormed any ideas / participation in the 2013 commemoration of the JFK Assassination?

    App. a year ago ~ I took the “On the Trail of Lee Harvey Oswald” Tour, which was most interesting.

    FYI ~ I’m part of the Dallas County Historical Commission, and we’d like to organize a listing / calendar of any commemoration events.

    Your reply would be most appreciated!

  2. Sherry,
    We will be doing history rides this year, and most certainly can do that ride in conjunction with the anniversary next year. We’d love to work with the commission on any historically themed events where we can bring out people. For example, we recently were going to do a bridge history ride with the recent bridge festival, but they cancelled. However, we still plan on doing the ride and we’re planning a celebration of the Houston St. Viaduct on April 14th 9-3pm called Ciclovia de Dallas. We loved the commissions help with any aspect of history concerning our any bridge that spans the Trinity for our bridge history ride. Please email jrbraddick@gmail.com and maybe we can meet to discuss further how we can work together!

  3. Thanks for the welcome Oak Cliff! We’ve just started and have a long way to go…
    Thanks you for your support –
    Bike Friendly McKinney

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