DFW.com on Fort Worth’s Booming Bicycle Scene

Are you paying attention, Dallas City Halll?  Ft. Worth is kicking our $%@#%%’s in bicycle infrastructure!  And thanks to great groups like Bike Friendly Ft. Worth and the site FortWorthology.com it’s only getting better!  Check out this great story below:

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Photo by Richard Rodriguez, DFW.com

Eric Griffey has been exploring Fort Worth’s burgeoning bicycle scene, and our slowly-but-steadily more bike-friendly streets, and has written this great article for DFW.com

The bartender told me that it was a bicycle pub crawl that met every Sunday and rode to different bars. When I started looking online to find the group, though, I was surprised to find out there wasn’t just one such group, but many. And that most of them were just 2 or 3 years old.

There appears to be a real cultural shift occurring in Fort Worth — it’s not just a bunch of hipsters looking for an excuse to drink.

The diversity that Eric talks about in this article is one of the things that’s impressed me most about Fort Worth’s bike scene. It’s not just your typical mental image of a 20something hipster – there’s men, women, all ages, whole families involved. The first time I chatted with members of the Bicycle Betties, an all-women bike social group that operates out of the Near Southside, it was hard to believe that we were still talking about Fort Worth.

Slowly but surely, Fort Worth is emerging as the most bike-friendly city in the Metroplex. Do we have a long way to go to catch and surpass other cities in the country that have embraced bikes as a core part of their transportation systems? Sure. But the amount of progress that’s been made very, very quickly in the central city is truly impressive.

And judging by the growth of bike groups, the sheer numbers of bikes you can see locked to racks along places like Magnolia Avenue in the evenings, and the continued rollout of new bike lanes all over the city, it’s only going to get better.

Read “Big Wheels Turning: Bike Culture in DFW” by Eric Griffey on DFW.com

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