Check out Tour Dallas this weekend!

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START at Young & Field – Finish at City Hall Plaza

  • Routes of 8, 20 and 30 miles
  • Start Time: 8:00am

Download a Site Map for the Start/Finish Area here

More FUN at the Finish Line Celebration

Who’s first? Who cares! This is a TOUR – not a race. No need to get in a hurry and raise the stress levels or miss out on the fun along the way. Plus, with the number of cyclists in our event and the hazards of the roadway, going too fast can cause injury to you and others around you. So relax and enjoy the ride. Then when you get to the Finish Line Celebration, enjoy the fresh, hot pizza from Pizza Patron, a cold bottle of water and enjoy the day.

Why we Tour Dallas

It’s fun. It’s good for you. It’s something we can share with our friends and with our families. It’s a chance to celebrate life. It’s a chance to say wheeee!

Come join our movement!

Get out that fat tired bike, cruiser , mountain bike or road bike. Enjoy a leisurely ride and the scenic beauty of Dallas in the spring. Blooming flowers, singing birds, laughing children and a parade of bicycles all along the way. You’ll defeat inactivity as you ride for victory. Do it right, and you’ll have a smile on your face all day long.

Which route is right for you?

We offer a short 8 mile route in and around downtown Dallas for families and new cyclists who want to get an easy ride with a lot of fun. Our 20 mile route includes the Swiss Avenue Historic District, Lakewood and more, while the 30 mile route includes all that PLUS a lap around White Rock Lake. All routes will be staged on Young Street in front of City Hall, rolling out at 8:00AM.

What about after the ride?

We’ll have a Finish Line Celebration on City Hall Plaza, so stick around and check out the fun. Make sure you wear your wristband because the Finish Line Celebration is a Private Party. We’ll have cyclists, face painters, jugglers and clowns, FREE hot pizza from Pizza Patron, beverages, information about area rides and more.

In July of 2000, Armond and Andrew Schwartz decided not to throw away their old bicycles. Instead, they decided to fix them up and give away. One thing led to another, and the 2 brothers decided to form Spokes For Folks, a Dallas area non-profit corporation with a mission to give bicycles to children of families that could not otherwise afford to buy them. Tour Dallas has selected this local charity as our beneficiary for 2012. You can learn more about Spokes For Folks at their website,

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