A visit to the Vintage Bicycle Swap Meet in Garland

I presume Richard Wezensky with BFR will do a much better post about this great event than me, but I thought I’d give the event a shout out, and a possible  preview for Cyclesomatic 2012 in the Fall.

The event was held at a great local bicycle shop in Garland, TX called Don Johle’s Bike World, Inc and sponsored by them and Rat Rod Bikes.  I’d never heard of it but wished I had sooner.  It’s one of those shops you’d kill to have in your neighborhood.  They sell everything, and I mean every type of bicycle you can think of. They also have a particular preference for vintage, thus the swap meet they hosted.  This was the first one, but I can tell you it won’t be the last.  I hope to get them to attend our Bicycle Fair in this Fall’s Cyclesomatic, but seems that they want to take it to a local park first.  Maybe I can convince them otherwise!

Also, I ran into a local blogger, urban cyclist, and 70’s and 80’s bicycle restorer named Jonathan at the event.  His blog is called Bicycle Point of View and it has a great recap of the event as well. Who knows maybe Bike Friendly Garland is about to launch!  He also had a Raleigh that fit my large frame, which I almost went home with.  My rule is give myself 24 hours to decide on a bicycle.  Well, I still want it and hope to make a deal for it soon.

There were several vendors with all kinds of older bicycles including BMX, Schwin Stingrays, old cruisers and a multi-rider BMX out of Mad Max!  It was certainly focused on the gear head, but open to anyone looking for a great fixer for the summer.  I look forward to them bringing this swap meet to a larger audience!  Here are pics taken from the blog Bicycle Point of View:

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  1. I was there and am sorry to somehow miss you and Richard Wezensky. It wasn’t what I thought, with the BMX bikes and so on, (and that’s okay). I was there hoping to sell an old (ahem, “vintage”) bike and mostly learned that it probably isn’t worth much. Hey c’est la vie.

    Yes, going into Don Johle’s bike shop was one of the highlights of the day for me. The salesman half apologized for not having a bunch of racing bikes, but of course, that’s not why I was in there. It’s not glitzy, has a homedown feel, and the salesman has a friendly approach. He’s got a little of everything (here’s a plug) even those bike bells that go “bring bring” and not just “dink” And you can try them. (okay most have the Schwinn logo….)

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