Help House Ride for the Future Youth Riders

`This just came across to us and we thought we’d try and help spread this message about bicycles and environmental issues.

From May 22nd – July 30th, the Ride for the Future team is traveling exclusively by bicycle from New Orleans to Dallas. Along the way, the participants will learn from and highlight local efforts to improve communities while transitioning them away from fossil fuels. Once in Dallas, they will meet with Exxon Mobil to discuss future prospects as a broader energy company; one  that relies more on renewables rather than oil and gas.

These 10 bikers, between the ages of 18 and 25, are looking for lodging in Dallas from July 19 to July 30. Even a one-night stay for a rider is greatly appreciated. Please contact team member Van Scholten if you are interested in housing a rider; (getting cell phone contact # but here’s there FB page to post if you’re interested).

Learn more about the project and read rider bios at

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