Bike Lanes Sprouting Up All Over Dallas

(Bike lane in Dallas installed near Rosemont Elementary school)

In case you missed the latest news, Dallas is beginning to stripe bike lanes which finally moves us off the list of major US cities without on-street bike infrastructure. Bicycling Magazine, who ranked us the worst city for bicycling again this year, even took note in a recent article. BFOC was instrumental in getting this project put together and was supported by school officials at Rosemont Elementary after the extremely successful iBike Rosemont project which saw bicyling increase to record numbers at the school in short order. The next iBike Rosemont event takes place October 8th-12th, so be on the lookout for a bunch of tiny two-wheelers pedaling throughout the neighborhoods. Oh, and the 2012 Dallas bond package includes $20 Million for Complete Streets buildout, so expect even more bike lanes in short order. It’s good to see our city catapulting itself off the “Worst of” list.

Also, if you hadn’t caught wind yet, Knox Street in Dallas has just been outfitted with the first “Cycle Track” in the city! The installation is a temporary demonstration put together by Oak Cliff’s Team Better Block to show how the street can be more bike friendly. A cycle track is a bike lane with a physical buffer separating the infrastructure from auto traffic which has shown to increase the level of bicycling on streets while heightening the safety for all modes of transit (pedestrian, bicycle, and car) by thinning the street, slowing auto speeds, and reducing crossing distances at intersections.

A Dallas Cycle Style group ride will be leaving from Main Street Garden tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 29th) at 4PM so be sure to wear your nicest attire. Also, a beer garden is being installed on site at Knox to help celebrate the revised street. Check out the poster below for a full list of activities:

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