Safe Passing Ordinance Goes Back to Committee

Safe Passing ordinance is going back to committee. Councilwoman Margolin first asked for it to go back to committee for further review. Councilwoman Greyson mentioned almost hitting a bicyclist on Houston St. Viaduct because they ended abruptly. Ciclovia de Dallas put that lane with the small finds we had to do it, but couldn’t do it the entire distance of the bridge. Councilwoman Koop mentioned how serious an issue it was for sharrows to be painted on streets without the permission of the city. Glad those “guerilla” sharrows are working! Councilwoman Hunt stressed how important it was to encourage ridership by increasing the amount of fully separated bicycle lanes. Councilman Scott Griggs asked for a timeline of the project to make Jefferson viaduct a two way cycletrack that should start by the end of the year.

All in all every councilperson commented, even Jerry Allen! All comments were positive and encouraging of the ordinance. Further discussions will take place in the future to amend this first draft, which will bode well for cyclists and motorists.


  1. Where there any specifics on what they want changed?

  2. Stuart: Angela suggested specifying the distance for passing. BFOC has been communicating with Bike DFW who will offer suggestions for rewording and additions. We hope to have something ready b next Wed meeting and our Bike to City Hall day

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