Fundraiser to Help Differ Medical Costs for Cyclist Hit by Car

Below came to us from supporters of Group Dynamix, a company that “provides group adventures that connect people in fun ways”.  One of their owners was left a quadriplegic after being hit on his bicycle by a vehicle.  We’ve had a very difficult year so far with bike vs motor vehicle accidents, so if you can help spread the word about their event, and encourage people to attend, the bicycling community would appreicate it!

Family Fun Day for Mack

On July 17, Stephen “Coach Mack” Mackintosh, the head of our Group Dynamix family, tragically suffered a severe cervical spinal cord injury while riding his bike home from work.  While the final outcome is unknown, the financial cost of his injury is substantial and growing.  Please join us on Sunday, October 21st at Group Dynamix as we raise funds in support of Coach Mack at our “Family Fun Day for Mack.”

Event Details
The Family Fun Day For Mack is the best kind of fundraiser.  It raises money for a great cause and its incredibly “FUN.”  Participants ages of 6 and older will get to “raise the roof” with heart-pounding exciting activities.  This is the first time we have permitted younger kids to participate in Group Dynamix activities, so now’s the time to bring the whole family!

Group Dynamix, 1215 Trend Dr., Carrollton, TX (two blocks west of Marsh Lane and one block north of Beltline Rd.)

What’s There to Do?
Lots!  Here’s a list of some of the activities:

  • Our extensive indoor high ropes course (one of the largest in the US)
  • Archery Tag Games (NEW to GDX and the rest of the world)
  • Blacklight Sports (seeing is believing)
  • Pedal Cart Races (win prizes for best time trials)
  • Inflatables  (all sizes for all ages)
  • Carnival Games  (not your “typical” games, but really fun ones)
  • Ball Games (tarp volleyball, walleyball, biggie basketball, dodgeball, and more)
  • Food and drinks will be available for sale

2-6 p.m., Sunday, October 21st

How Much?
$20 minimum donation at the door
$60 maximum per family
Thank you for your generosity by giving more!

One comment

  1. Thats terrible. I definetly think there need to be more public service announcements and awareness when it comes to cyclist and safety. May God bless Mr.Mackintosh and his family. I hope that the fundraiser was able to help with the medical cost.

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