Update, Council Briefing of Bike Plan Moved to February 20th


UPDATE– Max Kalhammer, the Dallas Bicycle Coordinator for the city has informed us they’re preparing the briefing to the council on February 20th, NOT this Wednesday, February 6th.  We will continue to host a group ride to the meeting for those that can attend.

We encourage any other Bike Friendly groups to rally their troops and meet up at 8:30 AM at Main St Gardens park to then head over together to attend the meeting.

Once the agenda has been posted to city hall’s website, we’ll update this posting with that information.  Here are the group ride details:

  • Date:  Wednesday, February 20th
  • Oak Cliff meet up location:  Oddfellow’s in the Bishop Arts
  • Meet up time:  7:40 AM
  • Departure time:  8:00 AM
  • Destination:  Main St Garden park
  • Arrival time:  8:30 AM
  • Departure time:  8:45 AM
  • Council meeting start time:  9:00 AM
  • RSVP on Facebook

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