The New Jefferson Viaduct Cycletrack

No doubt you’ve heard several of the local television stations and news sources do stories about the closing of the Houston St. Viaduct for construction on the upcoming streetcar line.  With that change came a seriously planned reconfiguration of the traffic flow on the Jefferson St Viaduct, it’s younger, and less architecturally interesting partner.

In that reconfiguration, our community gained a first of it’s kind: an on-street, two-way cycle track allowing anyone from age 8 to age 80 wishing to ride a bicycle across the Trinity River safely.

Here’s a first person point of view taken 12:30pm, Monday, 3/11:


We’d like to thank, Councilman Scott Griggs, Keith Manoy, Max Kalhammer, Jared White, and the many other city of Dallas staff and representatives who’ve helped see this come to fruition.  This is certainly a huge step forward in making Dallas a safer, friendlier place to ride a bicycle!


  1. Opus the Poet · ·

    Wile I’m sure it will eventually look a lot better, Getting on the cycletrack from te direction you showed in the video looked a little dicey for being used by an 8 YO.

  2. Of course parental guidance is suggested. Also, that configuration has changed for the better since the video. And we must remember ultimately this is all temporary.

  3. Saw it last week on my ride into work and was STOKED!! Happy to see progress!!

  4. John Mullen · ·

    Hopefully there will be a similar bike path across the Continental Bridge when it is reconfigured.

  5. John, sadly this won’t be the case. The private donor for that park project made demands not to include bicycle infrastructure. It will be a shared path.

    Jonathan Braddick

  6. […] an official grand-opening exposè that will show riders how to use the new Centralink that connects Oak Cliff, Katy, and Santa Fe Trails from downtown […]

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