Council to be Briefed on Status of Dallas Bike Plan THIS Wednesday, April 3rd

DallasBikeWaySystem_mileageLate last year, a few BFOC members were told at a meeting about the ill fated plans to NOT create a separated cycle track on the Continental Viaduct that the City Council would be briefed on the status of and future plans for the Dallas Bike Plan.

That was in November 2012.

After several delays, we’ve finally received word that briefing will take place this Wednesday, 9 AM.  Here is a quote from Keith Manoy, the man in charge with implementing the plan from a story Robert Wilonsky posted this morning with details and here’s the briefing to review for yourself:

It pretty much sums up the reality we face here on getting the infrastructure we feel is important to increasing ridership:

“Unlike in New York, where you had a transportation commissioner say, ‘This is what we’re doing, here nobody has the authority to say that. We have to go through a process, and if a lot of people say, ‘This is a horrible idea,’ it ultimately doesn’t go anywhere. I really think the way that changes is once people start to see more cycles on the street … I’m trying to do a transportation system for everyone. The whole system isn’t just about cars. We also have to make room for cyclists and pedestrians. We need an integrated system to be successful.” -Keith Manoy, Senior Transportation Plan, City of Dallas

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff will lead a ride to Main St Garden THIS Wednesday.  Here are the details:

Date:  April 3rd
Oak Cliff meet up location:  Oddfellow’s in the Bishop Arts
Meet up time:  7:40 AM
Departure time:  8:00 AM
Destination:  Main St Garden park
Arrival time:  8:30 AM
Departure time: 8:40 AM
Council meeting start time:  9:00 AM

RSVP on Facebook here!

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  1. Woah, check out slide 20 (numbered 19) in the brief comparing Dallas to peer cities. Talk about Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics… Who knew that Dallas has the eighth best cycling infrastructure in the country?! Just be sure that you count *signs* as cycling infrastructure and not, you know, lanes. I feel safer already.

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