The Ultimate Parking Guide To Bishop Art’s District

Exellent strategy for avoiding the difficulty to park a vehicle in the Bishop Arts District. Or you can just use your bicycle like many of our members do!


IMG_7065by Jon Daniel

The Bishop Arts restaurant district is now entrenched as a “go to” spot for Dallas-ites and tourists looking for a unique dining and shopping experience.  The area offers a blend of locally owned restaurants and shops in a charming walkable environment. Additional restaurants and shops are opening every month as industrial and existing retail buildings are repurposed.  The Bishop Arts district now encompasses an almost 30 square block area south of Davis Street between Zang and Tyler.

So to get this out of the way – there is no parking problem in Bishop Arts.  

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  1. Hello BFOC – Is one still able to cycle across the Houston Viaduct? I cycled across on Houston about 6 weeks ago but didn’t know if anything changed. Yes, it was closed but I followed others across. Similarly, are the cycle lanes still on Jefferson Viaduct? I’d like to cross from downtown to Zang on either bridge (The Houston Viaduct is a bit more convenient from downtown). Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. yes, the Jefferson Viaduct cycletrack is open. You can ride across the Houston viaduct, though it’s currently closed. They haven’t barricaded it, so….

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