Bicycle Brewery Tour – The Winter Edition, February 7th, 12:30 PM

jonathantallbikeRiding a tall bike while eating dumplings on the Continental bridge epitomizes the fun times we’ll be having in our next edition of the Bicycle Brewery Tour!  Meet up at the Continental Bridge at 12:30 pm, 02/07/15.  RSVP link is below.

Dallas’s craft beer industry is growing faster than we can keep up.  All 5 breweries in this 4th edition are brand new to the tour.  First up, the original and one of the very first craft brewers to open is Peticolas Brewing Co..  We’ve been trying to get them on a special tour for awhile, but gave up and will be attending their open house tour.  Several great beers to taste, include the illustrious Velvet Hammer.  Be on guard, most of their beers are high ABV (Alcohol by Volume).  $10 for entry gets you 3 beers.

Next, we’ll move around the block to Noble Rey Brewing.  They’ve been trying to moving into Dallas for a little while now, as we’d hoped they’d open here in Oak Cliff, but their location became a nightmare once the I-35 construction started, and they chose to move to the Design District, or should we say the Craft Beer Design District.  It boasts four craft brewery’s now!  Noble will offer a special tasting for our group at no cost to our participants, and offer their merchandise for sale.

The third stop will be another newbie, the brewpub Texas Ale Project.  These new kids are yet another new addition to the Design District.  They’ll be open to the public and have $2 5oz taster or $5 pints offerings.

If you’re wondering how on earth we can fit more beer into this tour, get ready, we’re not done yet!  The fourth, and not final stop will give us a chance to stretch our legs a bit and ride over to Deep Ellum to visit Braindead Brewing Co.  This new edition to the scene will challenge you after 3 earlier stops.  A stop for food will be a must at the food trucks in Klyde Warren Park before arriving at Braindead.

Finally, the most die hard and still standing brewheads will be heading to the 5th and final stop at the beautifully designed, and much appreciated Small Brew Pub on Jefferson Blvd in Oak Cliff.   We’ve been to their location in a past tour, but it was a shell of what it looks like now.  There’s a food menu and daily offerings to choose from.  If you make all 5, I’m cookin’ something up for the Last Brewhead Standing!

Read here for some bicycling and brewery tour tips and RSVP here!  This is not an excuse to get drunk.  It’s about the beer.  Being a responsible adult, while tasting good craft beer, and knowing your limits is the key to a good bicycle brewery tour.  Bad behavior will NOT be tolerated, and you’ll be asked to leave the tour.


  1. Daivd Lewis · ·

    My wife I want to join but we do not have FB.

  2. Gangstead · ·

    Where’s the RSVP link?

  3. That’s ok, David the details of the location and time are in this post. Just show up!

  4. Is this a BYO Bike event?!

    I really want a tall Bike!

  5. MikeRamsey · ·

    Jonathan, turns out I don’t have to be out of town this weekend after all and can attend. Miss P will be with me, along with our friend Craig Walker

  6. yes, you can rent from Red Star Bike Shop at the east end of the bridge

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