¡Paletas y Bicicletas! Recap

To kick off Spring Break, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff hosted ¡Paletas y Bicicletas! at Kidd Springs Park and Lake Cliff Park.

Highlights of the day: Kids collecting thousands of pieces of trash at Kidd Springs Park and Lake Cliff Park, 4 luchadores from Tornado Pawered, La Grande radio station playing rockin’ tunes, a ride through Bishop Arts District, kids smashing 4 pinatas, mariachi music in the air and WE GAVE AWAY 6 NEW KID’S BIKES!

The idea was to instill a little civic responsibility and have fun at the same time! Kids earned raffle tickets by collecting trash and the entire event was FREE!!!


One of our WINNERS!

The event would not have been possible without Grand Bank of Texas and Burt Barr and Associates LLP, who provided the bicycles, and the support of Lockhart Smokehouse, the Lake Cliff Neighborhood Association and Friends of Kidd Springs Park and Recreation Center.

Thank you sponsors!!!


If you missed out, we hope to see you next year!

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