Bike To Work Day Energizer Station, May 15th, 6:30 am – 9:00 am

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May is Bike Month and today is the start of the National Bike Challenge!  As many of you know, we’ve been participating in a region wide event put on by Bike DFW on Bike to Work Day, May 15th, where we setup an energizer station for those commuting or rec riding in the morning, 6:30 am – 9:00 am. Our usual spot has been on the Jefferson St. Viaduct’s cycle track, but this year, we’re moving only slightly south and will be posted up along the new Dallas Streetcar line at Oakenwald and Zang Blvd. As with anything we do, we like to have fun and will again bring out the mariachi’s, Oak Cliff Bicycle Company’s fixit station, Oak Cliff Coffee Roaster’s coffee pour over’s on a Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycle, DART goodies, and fresh breakfast tacos from Oddfellow’s, all free to those who are bicycling there way to work or fun!  Encourage your friends to ride with you.  See ya’ll soon.


  1. Pretty freaking awesome! Although I looked through your photos from last year and didn’t see my picture in there. What does it take to make the cut?

  2. Kirby, merely time finding photos and putting together the pic. It’s completely random and usually I use photos that are easily found

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