Our Solution to the Bishop Arts Parking Dilemma

Parking in The Bishop Arts District is a headache to say the least. Free, on street parking is rarely available and paying a parking valet is a pain.

Well, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff has a solution! Ride your bike!!!

Bike parking is free, traffic is a breeze and the businesses even offer DISCOUNTS to customers that ride their bikes!

From now until the weekend of October 17th & 18th, BFOC will provide Guerrilla Bike Parking at various locations in Oak Cliff, including the North Oak Cliff Library, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center and culminate with a surprise location in Bishop Arts that weekend.



After the weekend, the rack will be donated to a local elementary school. Reagan Elementary in the Bishop Arts Neighborhood, Hogg Elementary in Kidd Springs and Bowie Elementary in Lake Cliff will all compete for the rack.

The bicycle rack is painted the colors of the three different schools and we ask the community to help STICKERBOMB the rack. After the 18th, the winning school will be the most prominent color remaining.

So hop on your bike and get a jump-start on the competition. The rack is currently at the North Oak Cliff Library!

Guerilla Rack at the North Oak Cliff Library!!

Guerrilla Rack at the North Oak Cliff Library!!

Show your neighborhood and community spirit. PURPLE represents the Lake Cliff Neighborhood and Bowie Elementary. GREEN is for Kidd Springs and Hogg Elementary. And BLUE is for Bishop Arts and Reagan Elementary.

Updates and event information can be found on our facebook event page. Please RSVP, INVITE and SHARE here.

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