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Introducing: Bike Friendly Dallas!

A new bike friendly group has been officially launched!  Bike Friendly Dallas will help to bring together citizens of Dallas on two wheels, and be an aggregate of information from all neighborhoods of the city. Furthermore, one of it’s main missions will be to ensure the new 2011 Dallas Bike Plan is fully realized, and […]

Dallas Complete Streets Kickoff!

The Dallas Complete Street’s Kickoff is on Sunday, June 26th from 11AM – 4PM. Head out to Ross Avenue between Pavillion and N. Hawkins to take part in a “Complete Street” demonstration which will incorporate bike lanes, traffic calming measures, cafe seating, shade, improved landscaping, and change a portion of Ross from a thoroughfare, to […]

The 2011 Dallas Bike Plan is Unanimously Adopted!

Dallas’s Bike Coordinator, Max Kalhammer, Reviews the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan map Yesterday, Dallas made great strides in removing itself from the list of “auto-dominated cities” to one that is now embracing the worldwide movement of “complete streets” with bicycling leading the charge. After a year in the making, the city’s 2011 bike plan was unanimously adopted […]

2011 Dallas Bike Plan on the agenda for tomorrow’s City Council Meeting

(image from Paul Kreuger) After a year in the making, and with coordination between council members, regional transit authorities, city staff, and community members, the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan is officially set to be adopted by City Hall tomorrow afternoon (Wed. June 8th). The meeting begins at 1PM with the bike plan set as item #64. […]

Welcome the newest BF member to the group, Farmers Branch!

Bike Friendly Farmers Branch is the newest member of the BF family. Welcome, guys!

Heads of the League of American Bicyclists visit Oak Cliff

(Jason Roberts, Andy Clark – president of the League of American Bicyclists, Gail Spann – LAB Texas rep, Elizabeth Kiker – vp of LAB, and Amy Cowan) The president and vice president of the League of American Bicyclists were in town from Washington D.C. to show support for the Dallas Bike Plan and stopped by […]


Cyclesomatic is back! This year we’re packing all of the bike love into four days including another Dallas Bikes to City Hall event, Lee Harvey Oswald historic themed group ride, Bicycle Block Party, a 75208 Group ride to the feature film “Pedal” at the Hotel Belmont,’s Photo Scavenger Hunt Polaride, a Fort Worth to […]

Dallas Public Bike Plan Meeting Announced

Head to City Hall tonight to see the first draft of Dallas’s new bike plan. A few of us here at BFOC worked on the committee to provide input to the plan, so it’s a pretty exciting opportunity for all to review and provide input.

Oncor and Mayor announce major bike/ped initiative at City Hall

More to come…

Dallas citizens want more bike lanes

We were just forwarded this image from last months Dallas Bike Planning forum where the public came out to hear the latest information on the future of Dallas’ bicycle network. At the meeting, everyone who attended received four red circle stickers that they were to place on a chart affixed to the wall asking them […]