Heads of the League of American Bicyclists visit Oak Cliff

(Jason Roberts, Andy Clark – president of the League of American Bicyclists, Gail Spann – LAB Texas rep, Elizabeth Kiker – vp of LAB, and Amy Cowan)

The president and vice president of the League of American Bicyclists were in town from Washington D.C. to show support for the Dallas Bike Plan and stopped by Oak Cliff the following morning to talk with BFOC about the Better Block project, bicycle advocacy in Oak Cliff and Dallas, and more.  Clark discussed the ongoing efforts of the LAB and how Dallas and other southern cities can help further bicycle initiatives.  The two efforts that he felt were most inspirational nationally were the growing Ciclovia movement, and the Better Block projects.  After meeting, the group toured the Bishop Arts District and stopped in at the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company to meet with local shop owner Ean Parsons.   

One comment

  1. AM Winter · ·

    I denounce the LAB.

    The League no longer represents the interests of manly cyclists that don’t need bike lanes. Swiss Avenue and Beverly Drive are all any competent cyclist needs. These bike lanes are being built to serve the needs of wheelman that, frankly, ride in an unmanly style or live in unmanly zip codes.

    Hell’s worst business…it looks like some of the officers aren’t men at all.

    There is no longer any scientific basis for the group. The president doesn’t have any letters after his name. He hasn’t published a book extolling his masculine virtues in scientific terms. All he has is silly feel good stories like the thousands of people that show up when they close streets. I swat in his general direction with my Manual of Curmudgeonly Wheelmanship.

    It has even been brought to my attention that some members of the league even own bike shops – as an effeminate group of roadies and hipsters that you are ever likely to see. These people are not to be trusted with bicycles.

    Bottom line, the League no longer represents manliness on two wheels. We should be giving them chicken suits instead of t-shirts.


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