Week 4: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Proud Sponsor of the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Proud Sponsor of the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge




Week 4:  “Keep it up y’all, just 49 more weeks to go!” Rick Titone

From the comments we’ve received so far, a pattern is starting to emerge:  people are finding ways to go car free more often!  One day turns into two, which turns into a whole week, and we start to see habitual patterns and behaviors change.  It’s not for everybody, nor is it always practical as many people point out, but it’s doable for anyone as long as they’re willing to do so.

On another note, we’d like to announce some very exciting news!  Oak Cliff Bicycle Company and Switching Gears Cyclery (soon to open) have agreed to be official sponsors of the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge! We sincerely appreciate their support and energy in helping locals find reliable bicycles and bicycle accessories for commuting purposes.  By the end of the year, both bike shops will provide rewards for completing the challenge.  More on those details later to come!

*Anyone is still welcome to join the challenge within the honorable mention category. Please submit a reply to the original post and fill out this form by February 1, 2011

Here are a few highlights from Week 3 quotes:

Made it car-free again today. Biked to the coffee shop, spent most of the day there. Easy. And the weather was nice – 45 degrees is nothing compared to 26!
Started out car-free yesterday (in the mist!), biked 2 miles to Home Depot for bungee cords, strapped-on a crate, and biked to Urban Acres for grocery shopping. Urban Pedal


Rode my bike to the gym to workout and then rode home. After dinner, rode up to Mockingbird Station to take the train downtown. Rode over the American Airlines Center for the Stars game. YES – They do have bike parking at the AAC!!!! Well, its actually just a group of 3 barricades, but it’s near the cops so it’s pretty safe. It’s at the NE corner of the building at the corner of N Houston St and All Star Way. After the Stars victory, (GO STARS!!!!) rode back to West End and caught the train to Mbird and rode home. BikeMan


I rode about 50 miles Sunday but hot chocolate and a flat tire changed my mind about spending the rest of the day car-free. I went car-free for MLK Day. I took DART the whole way. It was pretty uneventful…except I finally did figure out the right connections for the Green Line. I bought a street poetry book off a guy named Vernon Patterson and got a recital at no extra cost. When I got home and found out my kid had bought his other book. Its a small world after all. Sleepyhead


I made it car-free both Tuesday and Wednesday. Both pretty straight-up commutes to and from work. Failed today due to weather and tomorrow due to a work meeting I have to drive to, but two days ain’t bad, right? Dave Holt


I’ve gone all the way to Friday morning car-free this week, including a mid-day commute yesterday at 32 degrees, and this morning at 25 – my new cold-weather record for 2011! Today was a little tough with patches of ice popping up from yesterday’s rain puddles. Then the fingertips started going numb around Baylor med center (mile 3 of 5) despite glove liners under my heaviest gloves. Lucky they thawed out fine so I could post this comment for the week. Keep it up y’all, just 49 more weeks to go! Rick Titone


  1. Opus the Poet · ·

    My family hasn’t entered the Challenge, because honestly it wouldn’t be fair. We have been living car-free in Garland since 1995. What you call a challenge we call Tuesday. Our biggest difficulty was an extended period when the washing machine was down and we had to haul the laundry about a half mile to the nearest laundromat with backpacks. If we can do it in Garland for more than 15 years, with the post-WWII car-centric urban design, then going car-free in Oak Cliff with the pre-war urban design would be a piece of cake.

  2. David Rodriguez · ·

    I have to admit, riding in the cold sucks but it’s worth it. I now use my car ONLY to get groceries, to Royal Lane station (when it’s been below freezing) and to visit friends on the weekends. I sure can use one of those cargo trailers to do my laundry and get groceries.

    I have been car-free since Monday. It has been cold but I learned how to layer. The weather is going to be great until Sunday so I look forward to using only my bicycle the next couple of days.

    Let’s ride!

  3. Yesterday was car-free for me. I’m currently working on fixing up a beater bike for grocery trips so I don’t feel so paranoid about locking up around town.

  4. Walked yet again on Monday (Theme?) But today is a bicycle day. It may have been just above freezing this morning, but this afternoon is going to be downright pleasant!

    Things will get much more interesting in a couple of weeks when my wife and I relocate from Bryan Place to Oak Cliff…

  5. Another mostly car-free week. Except for a trip out to East Texas to visit my parents on Sunday and a short drive to dinner with my wife (she wasn’t up to riding), I’ve been car free since my last post.

    One little annoyance.. got to the train station at about 8:15.. there wasn’t room on one of the SLRVs for me and my bike as it already had four bikes on it. The train was taking off before I could make it to the next SLRV. Had to wait 15 mins for the next train.

  6. David Rodriguez · ·

    @Rand M I had that problem sometimes as well. When the SLRV’s are full I go to where the old wheelchair spots when they had the ramps. If you place your front wheel perpendicular you can fit your bike on there, you’ll just have to carry your bike up the steps. The SLRV’s are for your convenience and it’s not mandatory to only park your bike there.

  7. I actually rode my bike a tremendous amount this week, but it was surprisingly difficult to get a full day due mostly to bike malfunctions. Luckily, the good fellows over at OCBC are sorta on the way home, so I will be able to go 100% car free today with no problem.

  8. mike walker · ·

    Used public transit and walked Friday and Saturday on vacation in Aspen, CO.

  9. My week has been very unusual. Adopted two puppies last Saturday from Operation Kindness, so I’ve been a bit more car-dependent in order to save some time in my day. Have gotten two car-free days in though. Took the bus/train to work yesterday and bussed it home, and today I rode my bike into work. (Has anyone seen that giant building they’re putting up by the AAC? Is that just for ESPN next weekend? It’s HUGE!!!)

    @RandM – I know it sucks to lose time waiting on the next train, but you’ve gotta admit – that’s a great problem to have! I really like seeing other bikes on the train.

  10. callmemisspriss · ·

    I’ve been car-free on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week. Each day I rode my bike to work in the awesome winter sunshine, then rode home after dark. I almost always feel safe on my bike, even when riding alone at night (yes, I have a good front and rear light). However, an incident on Tuesday night has brought safety to the forefront of my mind.

    When I had almost reached home, I saw a car pulling into a driveway and about to run over a puppy. Not willing to ignore a puppy about to be crushed by a huge truck, I did a super-quick stop and yelled at the driver (nicely!) to watch out for what might soon be under her wheels. As soon as I stopped, a huge dog darted toward me and started barking about a foot away from me and my bike. The driver got out of her car, shooed the puppy away from the driveway, and called the big dog away from me. I didn’t ride off immediately (probably not the smartest idea) because I felt like the dog would follow me rather than go home. None of this was a big deal until the dog bit my ankle. Not a hard bite, and [safely?] under my Converse, but still a dog bite. At that point I rode off, deciding that I was not improving the situation by waiting for the dogs to be secured by their owner.
    Being on a bicycle establishes a much different relationship with your surroundings than the one created when you are isolated within a car. If I had been in a car, the dog would not have been a threat. However, I also probably wouldn’t have seen the puppy. Should I have stopped? Or minded my own business? I hope that more experience outside of a car will help me reconcile this new relationship with my surroundings and allow me to make better decisions in the moment.
    On another note: I’m attending my first Critical Mass tonight and am super excited!!!

  11. Rick Titone · ·

    I’ve had an easy time going car-free this week. BikeMan and I adopted two blue heeler pups last weekend so I’ve been working at home while we get them used to their new home. So far I’ve only been in a car twice – groceries on Tuesday night, and last night rode with a buddy to a bike maintenance class at REI (that one should get me SOME points too?!)

    Thinking seriously about getting a bike trailer to haul these two around town (and for cargo too, no doubt). Any suggestions on where to buy (maybe Craigslist?) or features to look for? I have a Trek 7000 hybrid as my SUB (sport-utility bike), it’s build for hauling stuff but I’ve never pulled a trailer.

  12. Made it car free yesterday – even took the train up to White Rock for the afternoon. Took about an hour. If my allergies hadn’t been so bad I probably could’ve ridden up there faster. Looks like today might be car-free too! I’m loving starting the day car-free and just seeing where the day goes, if I can make it car free the whole day.

  13. Sleepy Head · ·

    I made a bunch of trips without a car this week but I never quite made it the whole day until today (Saturday). I made up for it all today. I rode around White Rock Lake and checked in with the group taking off on the 10am training ride. I rode out to Thai Thai on Greenville for lunch then headed over to the OCBC just to say hi. When I finally got back home, my kid wanted to go out so we rode to Uptown, went by Almost a Classic and then watched the windows getting decorated at Switching Gears. It was a beautiful day for lots of biking…and tomorrow I will hit the rode again.

  14. A bit belated…but last week was a great week to ride. Thursday and Saturday was my car free day. The funny thing is saturday found time to also participate in the Texas Half and then ride down to the NFL experience later in the day.

    Lil Tex

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