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Weeks 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Week 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21: Reset The last several weeks I’ve missed several posts.  I’m offering a reset to all of those still participating.  We’re currently on Week 21, based on my rudimentary calculations (counted each week by hand!).  Post by the end of Saturday this week if you’re still in the game. […]

Week 15 and 16: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Week 15 & 16: Gas? oh, I haven’t noticed The other day, my wife and I were driving and catching up on a few errands. We’d just gotten back from a trip and the car was low on gas. I pumped, she cleaned the windows. When the final total popped up, she got the sticker […]

Week 13 and 14: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

  Week 13 & 14: Attention:  Posting every 2 weeks As many of you may have noticed, my postings have thinned out a bit over the past several weeks.  While my time has been taken in other areas at the moment, I’m getting married this weekend ;), I’m very committed to this challenge and this […]

Week 11&12: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

  Week 11 & 12: Playing catch up! I apologize for missing a post last week.  Too many things, not enough time.  This post counts for both last week and this week.  Several of you have posted again to Week 10 for Week 11 and that is fine.  You’re counted for that week. Moving forward, […]

Week 10: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

  Week 10: Mardi Gras Parade See raw footage taken from within last weeks very successful Mardi Gras parade!

Week 9: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

  Week 9: And the winner is… In last week’s post, I asked everyone to share how this challenge has affected their lives when it comes to their relationships.  Most of you responded with some really good comments, and for that I thank  you.  See some of my favorite and best comments below.  Ok, so […]

Week 8: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

  Week 8: Bring a friend This week, I’d like to hear how this challenge is affecting, positively or negatively, your friends and other family members in regards to your day to day social engagements.  Have you brought others along for the ride?  Are some relationships being strained by your new found lifestyle?  Best story […]

Week 7: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

  Week 7: Go Ride! This week everyone should be itching to be car free after the coldest weeks we’ve seen for some time!  Can’t wait to hear your comments! Also, the Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff will be hosting another Meet and Greet at Spiral Diner on February 23rd, at 7:00pm.  RSPV to […]

Week 6: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Week 6:  DART, oh DART! Like many of you, last week posed serious public transportation challenges that were at times unpredictable, and at other times bordered on the absurd.  Take one of the worst winter storms of our times and a world-wide event hosting, and you see why the south has a long way to […]

Week 5: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Week 5:  “What you call a challenge we call Tuesday” Opus the Poet The above quote is from one of our readers. See the full quote below. The underlying message here is that for many North Texan’s, transportation doesn’t always come with a vehicular option as it does for many others.   Alternative means of transportation […]