Week 11&12: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge


Week 11 & 12: Playing catch up!

I apologize for missing a post last week.  Too many things, not enough time.  This post counts for both last week and this week.  Several of you have posted again to Week 10 for Week 11 and that is fine.  You’re counted for that week.

Moving forward, if you have already posted for Week 12 on Week 10, that’s fine too.  If you haven’t, please post here.  Also, I’ll tally up where everyone stands to this point in the challenge.  I also need to schedule a beer, boy do I need one!

Thanks for your patience!



  1. Jenny R. · ·

    I’ve been seeing a lot more women cycling for transportation this year. Last year, I don’t recall seeing any other women with bikes on the train at the same time as me – but so far this year I’ve seen 3 or 4 on just one line of DART. I’ve also noticed a couple of folding bikes out and about.

  2. I too have noticed a lot more women riding in downtown. Last week I rode the red line to Westmoreland station and rode my mountain bike at Oak Cliff Nature preserve. Then I rode the train to Tyler-Vernon, then biked to Luckie’s Smokehouse. BTW, I love Luckies! While we where there I picked up a few things at Urban Acres. If we ever decide to buy another house and move out of downtown we’ll be buying in OC for sure!

    Have a great week everyone!

  3. Sleepy Head · ·

    I definitely agree about seeing more people. There are a whole lot more bicycles on the street over the last year in general with a huge increase in women. My favorite one I saw recently was a little old lady out for a joy ride. I talked to her a little bit, she got a tube bike just because it was small and light and turned it into a bike for two, her and her little dog.

    I went bike free Sunday. I think tomorrow will be a bike free day too. Fair Park races tonight…you show up, I buy you a beer.

  4. Posted week 11 in the week 10 posting. Here is week 12:

    Got back from NYC late on Monday and had to drive on Tuesday to pick up the dogs from the kennel. Made it car-free on Wednesday and Thursday by taking the DART bus to and from work and biking to the gym and to run some errands. Biked to work today and have plans to walk over to Greenville Ave for dinner.

    The increase in cyclists is definitely noticeable – especially of the non-spandex wearing type. Living near WRL I’m used to seeing riders going for a training ride but now I see lot more folks in street clothes on bikes to just go from point A to B.

  5. Rick Titone · ·

    Came home Tuesday from our NYC trip to a dead battery in the car, so I did what any dedicated cyclist would do (no I didn’t sell the car!) I loaded up the old battery in my messenger bag and rode to DART rail, which I took to the Auto Zone on Park Ln. for a replacement. If you try this trick, remember: car batteries are made of LEAD which is really HEAVY! Next time I might have to find another method but I managed it OK. I worked at home that day but biked in the rest of the week.

    Today BikeMan and I were riding to work, and were joined by a neighbor (and my road biking buddy) who also commutes to his downtown job. I know he does this regularly too, but we’re on different schedules, so running into him was a cool Friday surprise.

    I had just mentioned early this week to BikeMan that I’m seeing more and more cyclists about town, sans lycra, leaving the cars at home. I know that this amazing spring weather helps promote this good behavior. I hope that seeing so many others doing it will encourage the newcomers to keep it up once it starts to feel like Texas here!

  6. David Rodriguez · ·

    To be honest, the last two weeks have been a total blur. I had midterms, spring break, and a cold, which I am just now getting rid of. I do remember riding my bike though. I am lucky enough to have many restaurants, markets and shops within a 2 mile radius.
    I found some new safe routes to places I love to visit the most but are a little far, within a 3 to 5 mile radius. Sure these safe routes are long but I know they are safe.
    Also, it’s settled. Starting next semester (Fall ’11) El Centro College will officially have a club for bicyclist, brought to you by yours truly. It’s not an official club but it’s part of the Environmental Club. My first project is to raise funds to install a bike repair station similar to the ones at MIT.

  7. Sleepy Head · ·

    good job on the bicycling club!

  8. Forced car-free for 4 days this week, while the car was in the shop for cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, or unfortunately however you see it, I was also at home sick while it was in the shop – except Friday. I was just well enough to go back to work and had to ride to the train station (admittedly not as bad as it could’ve been!) so I just took it nice and slow so I wouldn’t burn out and relapse – it was actually really pleasant to take a relaxed pace rather than bookin it like usual. It’s really convenient to have a car when you’re sick, but having friends who’ll grab extra Emergen-C and soup for you when you’re sick & don’t have a car is irreplaceable.

  9. callmemisspriss · ·

    I only managed to be car-free on Monday of this past week. I hate to admit that when the temps rise above 80, it is hard for me to ride my bike to work. I might have to return to biking to the train station instead of biking the entire way (6 miles) to work. I’m excited that this next week is going to be cooler!

  10. Jenny R. · ·

    Car free today. I got my first opportunity to try out the rear rack I just installed on my bike – it’s nice being able to put my bag and rain jacket on the rack.

  11. Well, today was car-free & I have to say it’s the first day I’ve really been frustrated having to ride my bike all day. Been such a busy week – & I tend to cram my days full so I feel like my car is necessary to zip around and get it all done. Today was crammed full & I had to just decide what wouldn’t get done. Then my phone died while I was at a movie that started way later than anticipated. So now I’m stuck biking across the river to the bar for my friend’s bday party, which I could’ve gotten a ride to if my phone didn’t die…. And DART would be convenient, if it ran past 12. Not like this is a serious problem (oh no I can’t get to the bar easily enough!) but it’s a serious hassle. I don’t think I could handle not ever having a car on a whim sometimes. It’d be a major lifestyle change for sure. Lots of planning ahead.

  12. callmemisspriss · ·

    I was car-free and rode my bike to work on Saturday. Riding to work I saw lots of people hanging out on patios at coffee shops and bars. I was wishing I didn’t have to go to work, but at least I got to ride. When I left work, I found a Dallas Cycle Chic postcard in my spokes! Yea!

  13. Bike Man · ·

    Week 13 post – went car free all week except for Sunday. Used DART and my bicycle to get to work. Used my bicycle to get to the gym. Only ate out once and walked the dogs up to Cafe Brazil for that.

  14. Rick Titone · ·

    Week 13 – Rode bike to work every day except Tuesday, when I worked from home. Got in the car today (Sunday) and realized it has not been driven since last Sunday! Walked the pups up to Lower Greenville Friday night for patio dinner at Cafe Brazil. Getting into a good habit with this little challenge – now a quarter of the way through. Keep it up everybody!

  15. Sleepy Head · ·

    My big challenge this week has been someone else needing a ride. I can handle getting myself around but what you supposed to do when its 930pm and your kid needs a ride home from school. On the stranger side of things, I rode to Clyde Barrow’s grave three times. The third time, I got swallowed in a herd of motor scooters.

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