Updates from the Dallas’s delegation to the Velo-City conference in Spain

Gil Penalosa, Delia Jasso, Pauline Medrano, and Max Kalhammer

Just received the first update from the Dallas delegation that headed to the Velo-City bike conference in Seville, Spain. Above, my personal hero Gil Penalosa, is holding up a Bike Friendly Oak Cliff shirt! Gil has instituted some of the most amazing public space and bike infrastructure in Bogota, Colombia that has led to major increases in the region’s economic develoment, quality of life and safety. Check out this video where Gil tours Bogota with NY’s Streetfilms team: 

The conference is in day two. Below, Penalosa introduces Pilar Vega, Eva Willumsen and Enrique Jacoby. The latter is one of the founders of the Network of Ciclovias (Car-Free Sundays) of the Americas and promoter of the Active Cities, Healthy Cities Contest.

Below, Pauline Medrano and Delia Jasso are shown with L.A. city council member, Ed Reyes:

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