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What do all great retail streets have in common?

I attended a city council meeting today along with Patrick Kennedy from Walkable DFW to observe a vote taking place on a new development in West Dallas that’s been getting a lot of press recently. The development promises a new organic grocery store, apartments, shops and more. The problem is that what was being requested at the council […]

Who says people don’t change?

Spotted this video on and thought it did a good job of tackling the notion that people can’t change. After viewing, it’s incredible to see just how much we’ve moved forward in so short a time.

Updates from Day 4 at the Velo-City Conference in Spain


Updates from Day 3 at Velo-City Conference in Seville, Spain

We’re getting more updates from the Dallas delegation to Seville, Spain from the Velo-City bike conference. Something heartening to note is that Seville has only adopted major bicycle infrastructure within the last 6 years and that their rate of cycling has gone from 0.2% (Same as Dallas) to 6.6%. That translates from 2,500 people to […]

Updates from the Dallas’s delegation to the Velo-City conference in Spain

Just received the first update from the Dallas delegation that headed to the Velo-City bike conference in Seville, Spain. Above, my personal hero Gil Penalosa, is holding up a Bike Friendly Oak Cliff shirt! Gil has instituted some of the most amazing public space and bike infrastructure in Bogota, Colombia that has led to major increases in the region’s […]

A BFOC’er just forwarded us the latest StreetFilms work titled Copenhagen through North American Eyes. It is an amazing collection of images and dialog about the potential for a city that embraces multi-modal infrastructure. Fortunately, in Dallas, we’ve overbuilt many of our roads and the potential to create a similar environment is closer than most […]

Jan Gehl, Planner for NYC Bike Lanes and People Spaces Interview

The Sierra Club has a great interview with Jan Gehl, Copenhagen planner and consultant for New York City’s new bike and public spaces infrastrcture. Jan details the ideas behind creating more “human-scaled” places, and specfically notes how making accommodations for bicyclists is a key to creating a more livable city. One major point in our […]

Women’s Cycling Survey

(Image from The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Planners launched a survey earlier this month to gather womens’ thoughts on cycling. More from Renée Burke Jordan: Survey results will offer a snapshot in time while furthering a lively discussion blossoming in the U.S., Canada and England. Why don’t – or do – women bicycle? […]

Bogota’s Transportation Planning…a model for Oak Cliff

Bogota, Colombia, under the stewardship of New Urbanist Mayor Enrique Pena, implemented some of the most progressive transportation changes in recent history, with much of the reason due to its high number of low income households who simply could not afford a car. The video above shows how the city quickly embraced multi-modalism and how […]

From Oak Cliff to New Zealand, Bike Friendly Communities Taking Off!

We’ve been amazed at how quickly momentum has built for fostering bike friendly communities in our region. What started out as a handful of friends sitting around a table wondering what could be done to change our community for the better and promote a bicycle culture has spread beyond our wildest imaginations. From Richardson, to […]