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Scholars Review 23 International Studies. Bicycle Infrastructure Found Safer than Riding on Street

This month a group of scholars at the University of British Columbia conducted a literature review looking at all available studies linking bicycle safety with infrastructure. Their findings are clear, “taking the lane” is not the safest alternative: ‚ÄúResults to date suggest that sidewalks and multi-use trails pose the highest risk, major roads are more […]

BikePortland Article on European Planners Consulting US on Bicycle Infrastructure

If you get a chance, you must check out BikePortland’s article on a recent panel discussion by European planners who visited the US and consulted on best practices for increasing bicycle ridership, and creating bike infrastructure. The key to a successful program is exactly what we’ve stated from the outset at BFOC…perception of safety. From […]

David Byrne book, Bicycle Diaries, Released Next Week

A BFOC reader passes along this Wall Street Journal article by David Byrne, singer of Talking Heads, as a precursor to his soon-to-be-released book, Bicycle Diaries. The article breaks down the components Bryne feels make up a “livable city”, including size, density, attitude, security, and more. Bicycle Diaries highlights Byrne’s love of living on two […]

Study Notes Accident Trends in Cycling

A BFOC fan pointed us to this recent Freakonomics article regarding bicycle accidents. If you forward to the site they referenced (Project Freeride), they break down in greater depth the accidents and their causes, and cite risks associated in other countries. Intersections, of course, being the most common areas (which is the same for pedestrians, […]

Beating the Heat in Melbourne, Australia

When studying cities around the world that have strong multi-modal transportation options (bicycle infrastructure, streetcars, pedestrian paths), a high level of walkability, and an active downtown life, it’s hard to beat Australia’s second most populous city, Melbourne. In previous articles, we discussed roadblocks to creating a vital downtown life given the climate in the South…Melbourne […]

Oak Cliff’s Own In Second Place At Tour de France!

Photo: Reuters As we discovered from a commenter, seven time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, was born right here in Oak Cliff at Methodist Hospital and lived in the OC for a short while until moving to Richardson and later Plano. Curiously, Wikipedia notes Plano as his birthplace, but his biography lists first living […]

John Pucher Video on Cycling for Everyone

Also from EcoVelo, ran across this great video of John Pucher discussing “Cycling for Everyone”. It’s fascinating to see the numbers of accidents, and rates of ridership among the elderly and more in Europe compared to the US. Something else he touches on is something we documented earlier from Danish planner, Jan Gehl, where car-centric […]

More Copenhagen Bicycle Eye Candy


BFOC’ers Report from the Road

Since it’s summer, we’ve got BFOC members reporting in from all over the world while on vacation, helping document bicycle infrastructure and culture in other cities. Here’s some recent comments and pics they’ve sent us from the road: “Super-bike-friendly in Munich! Bike trails everywhere!…Our hotel actually hands out bikes for free!” BFOC member Tanya Muerer […]

Wednesday May 20, 2009: Ride of Silence

The Ride of Silence started in 2003 at White Rock Lake in Dallas as 1,000 gathered to remember bicyclist Larry Schwartz, who was killed by a school bus mirror. Since then, the annual, slow-paced, sunset ride has grown to include events in all 50 states and 18 countries worldwide To HONOR bicyclists who have been […]