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A carfree town in Germany

A couple of BFOC fans forwarded us this article from the New York Times about a German suburb which is attempting to be car-free.

Bakfiets – The SUV of the bicycling world

Ever wondered how all those Danes are able to cart around groceries, children, and more through the winding streets of Copenhagen? It’s simple, the Bakfiet: We love the quote from the founder of WorkCycles, Henry Cutler, saying, “In Holland, [bicycling] is not just for special people…or for hippies and so forth. It’s every normal mom, […]

The Velorbis Scrap Deluxe

On our last BFOC group ride, we had all ranges of bicycles in the mix. From retro cruisers, to recumbants, and from high end road bikes, to entry level mountain bikes. The one that caught my eye the most was an American made version of a European styled city bike. Sure they’re heavy, slow, and […]

Copenhagen Bike Lane Concerto

Someone should inform all of these unwitting cyclists about the dangers of bike lanes. 😉

Copenhagen, Bike Capitol of Europe

[reposted from the Oak Cliff Transit Authority Blog] This incredible film clip, from the documentary Contested Streets, outlines how Copenhagen took on the challenge of introducing multi-modal transit options into their downtown. It’s particularly interesting to see entire streets that were once filled with parked cars being transformed into pedestrian only markets. Also, take note […]