BFOC’ers Report from the Road

Since it’s summer, we’ve got BFOC members reporting in from all over the world while on vacation, helping document bicycle infrastructure and culture in other cities. Here’s some recent comments and pics they’ve sent us from the road:

“Super-bike-friendly in Munich! Bike trails everywhere!…Our hotel actually hands out bikes for free!”
BFOC member Tanya Muerer in Germany

“it’s been a blast. Florida has done so much for bikers. It made me want to make a photo book of bike lanes. from as many cities as I can.”
BFOC member Colin Clarke, in Pensacola

“Parking in Amsterdam! In front of the house we are staying at-…ahh, the bike life.”

BFOC Member and Rosemont Teacher of the Year, Jill Stegall, in Holland

Keep sending us your pics…we love to see’m!

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