Little Cyclists in the OC

(photos by Ange Fitzgerald at the Tyler St. Bicycle Block Party)

It was great to see so many little ones out and about at the bicycle block party on Saturday. BFOC has several plans in the works to reach out more to young families and kids in the near future. For starters, we’ve met with the faculty at Rosemont Primary Elementary school and are planning a big event at the school in early fall. We’re also hoping to pull off a “kiddical mass” ride, like what is seen in Eugene, Oregon.

Another happy coincidence we stumbled across while the kids’ were getting ready for school the other morning, the regularly broadcast cartoon “Arthur”, on PBS, has an episode titled “Room to Ride” featuring Lance Armstrong, where the kids’ rally to get bike lanes brought into their neighborhood. It’s even inspired our 8 year old to start a campaign of his own! Part one is here (and part two here):

And here’s more pic’s of the tiny cyclists from Saturday:


  1. Major Taylor · ·

    Love the ideas with the kids and getting them more involed in cycling. Let me know what I can do to help.

    Also was wondering if anyone know if the new Oak Cliff Bicycle Company will be selling childrens bikes, ya know kids and bikes go hand in hand.

  2. […] Take a look at the rest of Ange’s photos here, and the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff blog recap here […]

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