Oak Cliff’s Own In Second Place At Tour de France!

Photo: Reuters

As we discovered from a commenter, seven time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, was born right here in Oak Cliff at Methodist Hospital and lived in the OC for a short while until moving to Richardson and later Plano. Curiously, Wikipedia notes Plano as his birthplace, but his biography lists first living here, and that his mom became pregnant while attending our own Adamson High School. In 1971, Plano would have been a very tiny town far to the north, which makes it all the more doubtful the wikipedia entry is correct.

He returned to the Tour after a 4 year hiatus, and has surprisingly shown good standing. After the 6th stage, he’s climbed to second place (and only one second behind the leader). Keep up with all of the details here: Tour de France Official Website

Just received confirmation from Lance’s mom’s marketing group that he was in fact born at Methodist Hospital, in Oak Cliff.


  1. When you see something wrong in Wikipedia, Fix It! (I just did.)

  2. I wanted to verify with someone at the hospital to be 100% sure. Hope to hear something shortly. I’d be very surprised if it were anywhere but Methodist.

  3. Alright…he was definitely born in Dallas, not Plano…

    ref: TV interview where he states “Well I don’t want to correct you but I was actually born in Dallas…Raised in Plano”

    He also states:

    “don’t like to go back to Plano much. So I like to just say that I was born in Dallas. But I know you (moderator) are from Fort Worth, so. We call that ‘The Metroplex’ ‘The DFW Metroplex’. And so there is a big difference between the ‘FW’ and the ‘D’. But anyways my entire family; my mother, my grandparents, were born and raised in Dallas. My mom had me when she was 17 years old. I never met my father. She was obviously in high school when she decided to have me, so this is in 1971, and in a poor part of Dallas what we call which you would know is called Oak Cliff…”

  4. Just got confirmation from the Head of Marketing for Linda Kelly Armstrong’s company that he in fact was born in Oak Cliff at Methodist. More details to come!

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