From Oak Cliff to New Zealand, Bike Friendly Communities Taking Off!

We’ve been amazed at how quickly momentum has built for fostering bike friendly communities in our region. What started out as a handful of friends sitting around a table wondering what could be done to change our community for the better and promote a bicycle culture has spread beyond our wildest imaginations.

From Richardson, to Knox-Henderson, Denton, and Fort Worth, the effort has snowballed. And now, we welcome our latest member of the family: Bike Friendly North Shore…in Auckland, New Zealand!



  1. Thanks for the mention (and the inspiration).

    I’m not sure we even have a bicycle culture here on the Shore but I’ve made a start and hopefully the blog will attract some like-minded souls. We have a population of 225,000 but very few bike commuters, it’s all about road-racing, mountainbiking and BMX.

    – Antoine

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