Jan Gehl, Planner for NYC Bike Lanes and People Spaces Interview

The Sierra Club has a great interview with Jan Gehl, Copenhagen planner and consultant for New York City’s new bike and public spaces infrastrcture. Jan details the ideas behind creating more “human-scaled” places, and specfically notes how making accommodations for bicyclists is a key to creating a more livable city. One major point in our favor for adopting greater bicycle infrastructure is a point Gehl makes when asked the difference between adding bike lanes in NYC compared to Copenhagen:

“…it’s much easier to make bike infrastructure in New York because you have wider avenues and streets than we have. So there’s more space, so you can actually make everybody happy: sidewalk, street trees, bike lanes, parking, and driving lanes. It’s wonderful to have a city which has wide streets.”

That’s one thing Dallas has plenty of.

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