Week 7: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

A proud sponsor of the One Day 52 Week No Car Challenge


Week 7: Go Ride!

This week everyone should be itching to be car free after the coldest weeks we’ve seen for some time!  Can’t wait to hear your comments!

Also, the Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff will be hosting another Meet and Greet at Spiral Diner on February 23rd, at 7:00pm.  RSPV to jonathan@carshareoc.org or here

Here are a few highlights from Week 6 quotes:

Took DART yesterday and today. This morning the doors on my train were a little messed up and they were still running on a modified schedule. I hope they run ice trains overnight so we don’t have a repeat of last week tomorrow. Jenny R

Wow – another week of bizarre weather. Am really glad that things are warming up for this weekend. Hate to admit – but the report for the week is pretty lame though. Wednesday took the bus into work and home through the snow. Stayed in the rest of the night. Bike Man

t was a pretty uneventful week for me too. I was car-free Tuesday and Wednesday, but didn’t need to go anywhere as I am still being work-at-home dad to our two new pups. Had to drive most other days for weather or expediency. Hoping for warmer weather next week and a chance to ride my bike more, as the pups are getting closer to ability to stay home alone now! Rick Titone

Well, didn’t do too well this week.. mainly because I lost my month pass (if anyone finds it, let me know :) but I was sans car yesterday so I guess I’m still in the running. But just barely. Rand M

I rode my bike to work and was car-free on Saturday. I had to dress up for work, and made the mistake of wearing platform wedge shoes for an eight hour shift on my feet. The platforms weren’t terribly comfortable while riding, especially on the 6 mile trip home, but hopefully I’ll get used to it. I’m trying to dress as I usually do even when I’m on my bike.
I love the return to 60 degree days, and am looking forward to the 75208 Be My Velontine ride tomorrow! callmemisspriss


  1. Took DART yesterday and I scored a great price on a chain wheel & cranks for my grocery bike on ebay! To the cotter pin press!

  2. Went car-free Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Thursday rode the bus in to work and back home. On Wednesday and Friday rode my bike. Rode my bike to the gym every night to lift. In this beautiful weather, its great to be on the bike. As a good friend of mine once said, you really feel more a part of the community on your bike. And she was right!!! You notice a lot more things along the way.

    Although, I have to admit, I miss the free time of my bus ride into work when I could do some Rosetta Stone lessons on my iPhone – am trying to learn Italian. Have to find some time during the day for those when I ride in.

  3. Rick Titone · ·

    This week’s remarkable weather has allowed me to stay car-free all week except Tuesday, when the pups had to go for shots. I’ve biked to the office every day this week, only staying 5-6 hours so the dogs can get outside sooner. I’ve biked to get groceries and to my barber as a bonus.

    Next week will be interesting – I will be in metro Manila for work. I know I can walk from the hotel to our office there, but not sure what other car rides I might have to take. Stay tuned for next week’s report!

  4. Sleepy Head · ·

    I was on vacation and went Sunday and Monday (and most of Tuesday) car-free courtesy of Amtrak and the Chicago Transit Authority. I got out last night to ride under the full moon too.

  5. Well, once again due to lost DART pass, only had two car free days – couple of errands, train station (slept in too late to want to mess with 75), etc.

  6. Went car-free Tuesday. Love this weather. Been trying to bike around as much as possible – find myself doing most trips within 2 miles of the house on bike, but haven’t managed a whole day car-free since Tuesday. Last Sunday I bought a few groceries and even dog food on the bike – forgot my bungee chords though and lost the dog food off my back rack twice. No casualties though!

  7. David Rodriguez · ·

    I neglected my car this whole Monday to Friday, I got around either my bike or rail. I had to drive to Cedar Hill to do some volunteer work. It’s sad to say that I have no clue where the front wheel to my bicycle went, so next week will be a little harder getting around by foot only. Time to explore.

  8. I went car free everyday this week but Thursday and Friday. I had to run to Ft.Worth to take care of some things and I didn’t have time to plan my route on the TRE.

    Thanks to the guys on dorba.org who help me find a route from Downtown Dallas to my office in Las Colinas this week. Check it out: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4291014

    Is anyone going to the NAHBS bike show in Austin next weekend? We plan on driving to Austin but taking our bikes with us to ride to the show.

  9. callmemisspriss · ·

    I was car-free on Tuesday and Wednesday, when I rode my bike to work, and on other days I have been using my car less and less. I love it! I bought a rack for my bike and am going to score a cable so I can do more errands on my bike. I drove my car to work today and actually felt guilty about it, so I went for a ride when I returned home. I am loving the weather and being out in the sunshine without too much heat!

  10. My car and oil addiction this week is heavy on my mind as I watch oppressed people rise against crude dictators. My protest is to drive as little as possible. My car free day Monday led me to Fair Park for a walk through of a better block event. The wind on the return over the Houston viaduct made me scream at the top of my lungs down with oil! With the money our government gave Libya this year ($1.5 Billion) we could have built streetcars and bike lanes for all of Dallas!

  11. We went car free this weekend, and it was great. Biked over to Pearl Cup for breakfast on Saturday, and then took our micro bike gang on a ride down the Katy Trail to Uptown. Met up with some friends for lunch (where we got plenty of great comments at the restaurant for our bikes chained up outside). then we spent the rest of Saturday exploring Downtown and Deep Ellum, before a return trip up to the M-Streets via the new Santa Fe Trail and White Rock Trail. The great thing was we saw bikes everywhere. On the trails, on the streets, at various parks. It was very heartening to see that more and more people are wanting to get out on two wheels. At night we biked up to the Angelika for a flick and then over to Rusty Taco for som fuel to get home.

    Sunday we got a bit more ambitious and biked from the M-Streets to Bishop Arts for some breakfast at Oddfellows. Zhang gave us some challenging hills (on two single sped bikes), but it was totally worth the trip. After a belly full of fuel, we spent another afternoon exploring Dallas by picking random things off of Google Maps and plotting a rough course to get there. We found dozens of parks, cemeteries, art installations, gardens and such on our ride back. We can’t wait to do it again next weekend and convince more friends to tag along. Best of all, we didn’t touch our cars from Friday night all the way to Sunday morning.

  12. Is this week 7 or 8? Anyway, today I rode my bike to the train, went to work, and walked to a Korean-fusion place for lunch.

    I wasn’t totally car-free over the weekend, but did get a chance to take advantage of the great weather & ride bikes on the Katy Trail on Saturday.

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