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Week 4: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

      Week 4:  “Keep it up y’all, just 49 more weeks to go!” Rick Titone From the comments we’ve received so far, a pattern is starting to emerge:  people are finding ways to go car free more often!  One day turns into two, which turns into a whole week, and we start to […]

Week 3: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

We’re happy to report that all participants posted in Week 2, and were able to go completely car free for at least one 24 hour consecutive period!  Congratulations to everyone for braving the cold, winter weather last week, and for making a very important commitment.  Also, the media covered our event on Wednesday with a […]

WFAA story on 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

Oak Cliff residents accept car-free challenge WFAA Channel 8 by Shon Gables We have room for more people in the challenge in the honorable mention category!  ENTER by going to the original posting and enter the challenge by replying in the comments section about your 24 hour no car day!  You’ll be officially entered into […]

Week 2: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

The deadline for entry during Week 1 of the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge has ended this morning at 12:00 am.  The following is the complete list of Names/Handles that successfully entered last week: Art Ortiz JT callmemisspriss BikeMan justpaul Sleepyhead Rand M Tina M Sean Clancy Rick Titone TandeMan Fish Jenny R […]

Update: Only 4 days to enter the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge!

The following people who have posted a reply to the original post have been officially entered into the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge: Art Ortiz JT callmemisspriss BikeMan justpaul Sleepyhead Rand M Tina M Sean Clancy Rick Titone TandeMan Fish Jenny R If you’re interested in officially entering your name/handle and taking the […]

One Car No Car Series: 2011 1 day/52 week No Car Challenge

The New Year invokes change.  Our calendar resets itself, we get back to the gym after a long hiatus, and we usually look for something to improve upon in the next year.  Here is our challenge for you: Go without a car one day a week for 52 weeks Here are the rules: Must chose […]

One Car, No Car Series: A suit, a bicycle and the DART GREEN line

This past week presented a new challenge for me.  I had to be at I-635 and Luna Rd, just west of the I-35 and I-635 crossing.  From north Oak Cliff, that’s approximately 17 miles, one-way.  On top of that, I had to be there by 7:00am! This would normally not have  warranted a posting, but […]

One Car, No Car series: A trip to the grocery store

Since moving to a one car household back in July of this year, certain adjustments had to be made.  First, we share household chores and I don’t get out of doing my turn of the shopping just because I don’t have a car.  Nor do I always want to wait to get the car to […]

Presenting: The One Car-No Car Series

It is our pleasure to present a new series of blog posts solely dedicated to highlighting how we can reduce our use of the automobile, and substituting those uses for other alternative forms of transportation.  BFOCr’s aren’t bicycle centric, but many merely recognize that there are several different types of trips that average Americans take […]