Week 3: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

We’re happy to report that all participants posted in Week 2, and were able to go completely car free for at least one 24 hour consecutive period!  Congratulations to everyone for braving the cold, winter weather last week, and for making a very important commitment.  Also, the media covered our event on Wednesday with a nice story.  Check it out! We’d also like to welcome new participants to the challenge in our honorable mention category:

  1. Austin Thrustlord
  2. Amanda
  3. Afam
  4. Steve
  5. Mike Walker
  6. Patricia Rodriguez
  7. Dave Holt

Anyone is still welcome to join the challenge within this category.  Please submit a reply to the original post and fill out the form below

Here are a few highlights from Week 2 quotes:

I enjoy riding to work in the cold weather because I can wear a suit and not have to worry about changing. What I learned this week…cords aren’t any substitute for a crate on the back of your bike.  Sleepy Head


Walked to work yesterday from Exall to the West End again. Even though it was freezing, it was awesome to walk past all the snow covered buildings and lawns. I would even say that it seemed quieter, which was nice, and the sidewalks and streets did not accumulate snow, so it was easy to get around.  JT


It was cold. I am glad I wore my long undies. You have to enjoy days like this because soon enough it will be 115 again.  Sleepyhead


Have to confess that the temps being below 30 kept me off of my bike for the first part of the week, so today was my car-free day. Took DART bus into work today and tonight will bike to the gym.  BikeMan


Phew, brrrr, pot hole!  Sean Clancy


As you can see the descriptions are really interesting and sometimes humorous as well.  Keep them coming!

Moving onto Week 3, make sure to reply to this week’s comment at the end of this posting.  Furthermore, we’d like you to take a moment and fill out the following contact form.  We’d love to have a bit of information from everyone in order to help keep track of our participants in this challenge:


  1. Made it car-free again today. Biked to the coffee shop, spent most of the day there. Easy. And the weather was nice – 45 degrees is nothing compared to 26!
    Started out car-free yesterday (in the mist!), biked 2 miles to Home Depot for bungee cords, strapped-on a crate, and biked to Urban Acres for grocery shopping, but then had to get out the car to drive to my sister’s in Red Oak.
    I love how this challenge is pushing me to fix-up my bike as a good commuter/cargo bike! Even if I don’t make it an entirely car-free day, it feels great just getting out and doing what I can on the bike. Thanks for coming up with this challenge, Jonathan!

  2. Realized last night that I had already knocked out my required car-free day on Monday. WOO HOO!!!!

    Had the day off of work and did some cooking at home. Rode my bike to the gym to workout and then rode home. After dinner, rode up to Mockingbird Station to take the train downtown. Rode over the American Airlines Center for the Stars game. YES – They do have bike parking at the AAC!!!! Well, its actually just a group of 3 barricades, but it’s near the cops so it’s pretty safe. It’s at the NE corner of the building at the corner of N Houston St and All Star Way. After the Stars victory, (GO STARS!!!!) rode back to West End and caught the train to Mbird and rode home.

  3. Sleepy Head · ·

    I rode about 50 miles Sunday but hot chocolate and a flat tire changed my mind about spending the rest of the day car-free. I went car-free for MLK Day. I took DART the whole way. It was pretty uneventful…except I finally did figure out the right connections for the Green Line. I bought a street poetry book off a guy named Vernon Patterson and got a recital at no extra cost. When I got home and found out my kid had bought his other book. Its a small world after all.

  4. I want to go ahead and record my public transit for today to & from work, for this week. Brr….cold and rainy this morning. I’m hoping to be able to bike to a coffee shop or lunch spot with my husband on Saturday as well. Looking forward to warmer weather so we can bike picnic again.

  5. Is anyone else headed to City Hall tonight for the Bike Plan meeting? Hope to see some folks there.

  6. Yes! If you wan to meet in Bishop Arts, 7th and Bishop at 4:30pm, come on!

  7. I made it car-free both Tuesday and Wednesday. Both pretty straight-up commutes to and from work. Failed today due to weather and tomorrow due to a work meeting I have to drive to, but two days ain’t bad, right?

    BikeMan and CommunityGardenOC, I’ll be at the meeting and would love to ride to it, but will have to come straight from work downtown. See you there!

  8. CommunityGardenOC – Would love to ride in but am going to have to go straight from work downtown. Will probably be late as is.

    DaveHolt – Two days this week is really good!! This challenge is pushing me to do more than the one “mandatory” day was well. I used to think I wanted to move to Chicago or some other “real” city I could bike commute in. Once I found out how easy it was to do in Dallas, I hate to drive my car!!!! And am enjoying much more of the city.

  9. Monday I chose to work from home rather than drive in. Rand and I rode our bikes to lunch at Blue Goose.

  10. Been completely sans car since my last post except yesterday.. was afraid the weather was going to be nastier than it was. Should have ridden anyway.

  11. David Rodriguez · ·

    I had to get laundry done and go grocery shopping this week but I managed to make two whole days car free. If I had a cargo bike then I might of gone car free all week. Even though I didn’t go car free all day on most days, I did manage to substitute some car drives with a bike ride. For example, I usually drive to go get a quick bite to eat, but I left my car at home and rode to the nearest restaurant. I was planning on making today car free but it was really cold this morning.

    I had a great week and I look forward to another.

  12. Rick Titone · ·

    I’ve gone all the way to Friday morning car-free this week, including a mid-day commute yesterday at 32 degrees, and this morning at 25 – my new cold-weather record for 2011! Today was a little tough with patches of ice popping up from yesterday’s rain puddles. Then the fingertips started going numb around Baylor med center (mile 3 of 5) despite glove liners under my heaviest gloves. Lucky they thawed out fine so I could post this comment for the week. Keep it up y’all, just 49 more weeks to go!

  13. Man, still too cold to ride a bike to work (IMHO). So walked again on Monday, pretty uneventful.

    As an aside, one of my new favorite parts of the commute is walking down the DART track, just when I get past Akard Station, there is a building with a kitchen that exhausts to the tracks and it always smells like they are cooking something good.

  14. callmemisspriss · ·

    On Wednesday I had the day off from my retail job and just did some contract work at my former nonprofit job. It was a lovely day for a bike ride to work! A little chilly, but I warmed up quickly. The main accomplishment for this day was that I rode my bike home for lunch and to wait for feedback on my assignment, then resisted the temptation to jump in to my car and rode my bike back for the remainder of the day’s work. I stopped at the bank on the way home to deposit my earnings, facing a minor dilemma: lock up and go inside, or do the drive-up like I’m in a car? I chose to go inside.

    I love the feeling of joy I get from riding my bike. I’m like a little kid again! AND I get an awesome feeling of satisfaction from seeing how much more comfortable I’m getting with riding my bike.

  15. callmemisspriss: I must comment on your dilemma regarding the drive thru or walk-in. As many people may not know, many businesses with drive thrus won’t serve you if you’re on a bicycle. In my experience, the reasons for not serving were for liability issues. Frankly, I thought it was discriminatory, but their business, their rules. Once I was riding back from the bar several years ago in Lakewood, and wanted a late night snack from Jack in the Box. The inside wasn’t open anymore, so I went through the drive through. I pulled up and was denied service because I was on a bike. Of course, I took it a bit too far and wouldn’t leave until they served me, however they proceeded to call the cops. I waited for them and explained my dilemma. The cop wasn’t that interested, and thinking back he had bigger issues to deal with than some over zealous punk on a crappy bicycle! Anyway, the point I’m attempting to make here is that drive thrus aren’t genuinely a good idea to pull up to, unless you know the business will serve you.

  16. I have discovered that cocoa makes walking a mile from work to home in freezing temperatures a bit more bearable 🙂

  17. In this installment I am back in the state of Texas and back to school. I have to travel from Dallas to Denton 2 days a week and after my last trip back on Tuesday night I want nothing to do with Dallas traffic. A message to Dallas drivers: stop riding the breaks! The commute in Dallas sucks because you cannot drive- and I have lived in Atlanta. This week only allowed me to bike one day to and from work- Monday. It was fun as I was back in the south and enjoyed a nice stroll down Cole to Katy trail and on into the city. What was a reduced bike to work week will be more enjoyable when I can do it everyday next week! Until then, cheers!

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