Dallas Bike Plan Meeting Drew Large Crowd

Councilwoman Angela Hunt addressing attendees at the final Dallas Bike Plan meeting

The third and final Dallas Bike Plan meeting took place last night at City Hall and attendance was nearly full in the chamber hall as cyclists from throughout the region came out to show support and offer last recommendations for the plan. Angela Hunt addressed the crowd and talked about how the new plan will include nearly 800 miles of on-street bike lanes which will help vault Dallas to the ranks of some of the nation’s highest rated cycling cities. Andy Clark, president of the League of American Bicyclists, flew in from Washington D.C. to deliver the keynote speech and talked about Dallas being a priority for him and the LAB since the city is commonally thought of as “car-only”. Andy also gave a nod to Richardson Bike Mart, and their efforts to promote the plan. Finally, Max Kalhammer introduced Toole consultant and Seattle former bike planner, Peter Lagerwey, who gave the final presentation on the plan and its outline for implementation. Lagerwey, and Clark were adamant in stating that it is now up to the community to show up to meeting, and push their city represetatives to make the plan come to life. This meeting was the last session open for public input. The final plan will be published in March and a council meeting will be set in April to officially adopt the plan.


  1. It was a great meeting and I can’t wait to see the first bike lanes show up around town.

  2. That’s 800 miles of on-street bike *facilities*. Only about half of that is bike lanes. To put that number into perspective, the existing bike route network is about 500 miles.

  3. jeffgold · ·

    you can always just push your cadence a little higer and ride on the road…

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