Week 2: 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge

The deadline for entry during Week 1 of the 1 Day 52 Week No Car Challenge has ended this morning at 12:00 am.  The following is the complete list of Names/Handles that successfully entered last week:

  1. Art Ortiz
  2. JT
  3. callmemisspriss
  4. BikeMan
  5. justpaul
  6. Sleepyhead
  7. Rand M
  8. Tina M
  9. Sean Clancy
  10. Rick Titone
  11. TandeMan
  12. Fish
  13. Jenny R

If you feel your name should be on this list, please email jonathan@carshareoc.org

Week 2 is now upon us and will probably be one of the most difficult.  The winter weather will put a damper on some early morning commutes, but remember all you have to do is not use a car or other motorized vehicular transportation within a 24 hour period the next 7 days.  Public transportation is an exception.

From now on, there will be a new post every Sunday that you must post your comments to by midnight, the following Saturday, in order to stay in the challenge.  You must do this every week for 52 weeks straight in order to complete the challenge.  No exceptions!

Good luck!

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  1. Sleepy Head · ·

    Is this the right place for this week? My day off was Friday. I often ride DART to work with my bike and then ride home. I did it both Wednesday and Friday this week. The new Green Line hasn’t been working for me so I have started riding up Maple to get to work. I still haven’t nailed a route down so I experimented coming and going. I stopped at Lilly Pad on the way home…the greatest bike stop around.

    I enjoy riding to work in the cold weather because I can wear a suit and not have to worry about changing. What I learned this week…cords aren’t any substitute for a crate on the back of your bike.

  2. @Sleepyhead: Thanks for the post. Since you posted last week on the original post, this one will do fine for this week. Look for the next week’s post to come on this coming Sunday, and sequentially every Sunday.

  3. Walked to work yesterday from Exall to the West End again. Even though it was freezing, it was awesome to walk past all the snow covered buildings and lawns. I would even say that it seemed quieter, which was nice, and the sidewalks and streets did not accumulate snow, so it was easy to get around.

    Maybe when it gets out of the 20’s in the mornings I can resume bike riding…

  4. Well it’s only Wednesday morning but figured I’d better do it before I forget.

    Monday – I work from home on Mondays but biked over to Subway to grab some lunch and to Blockbuster to return some movies. Brrrrr.

    Tuesday – Biked to Mockingbird Station and took the train up to Galatyn Park. Coming home, I decided to just bike down to Spring Valley station instead of just hopping on at Galatyn Park.

    Except for perhaps Friday when I need to work some odd hours, I’ll be biking to the train station for the rest of the week and I’ll be making a run to the grocery store today on my bike.

  5. Sleepy Head · ·

    I caught the 164 downtown today and rode up Maple to work. I rode back home all the way down the old Butler/Dorothy/Beverly/Monticello route and swung by Newflower (soon to be Sunflower). It was cold. I am glad I wore my long undies. You have to enjoy days like this because soon enough it will be 115 again.

  6. I decided to brave the cold early this week. Monday, I bundled up 6 layers deep so that I could stand out at the bus stop in the snow and wait for the bus. A short ride from Lakewood to downtown and then a brisk 1/2 mile walk to the office. And then reverse for the trip home. I sure wish I hadn’t lost my gloves. Otherwise it wasn’t too bad.

  7. I took DART to & from work yesterday. My stomach started hurting so bad in the afternoon that I had to leave a little early. It was nice to be able to stand and not have to drive (hurt to bend at the waist). I finally felt better around 11pm, whew.

  8. David Rodriguez · ·

    Sunday- Yes it was snowing but I rode my bike to the Royal Lane DART and got off at Westmoreland Station and then to a friends house. I wanted to ride in the snow just to know what it’s like. Now I know next time to wear thicker gloves and waterproof pants.

    Tuesday- It was really cold this day and I had nothing to do so I mainly stayed home. At a time I got my bike and rode it to get my mail and throw away the garage. Then I got a little hungry and rode down the street to get some Mckky D’s.

    Thursday- A friend and I decided to meet up at Lovers Lane station and hang out. I rode my bike, and rode DART rail all day. My friend didn’t have a bike so most of the moving was done by foot.

    Sure it may be cold but that shouldn’t be an excuse to go out for a nice ride.

  9. Have to confess that the temps being below 30 kept me off of my bike for the first part of the week, so today was my car-free day. Took DART bus into work today and tonight will bike to the gym.

    It seems a common thread to these posts about errands requiring a car is a trip to the dry cleaners. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a huge Timbuktu messenger bag I can use for most errands – even a week’s worth of groceries. But the dry cleaners is still one I drive for.

  10. @Bikeman: I use my trailer for the cleaners. I have a full size one that hooks to the back of my seat post via a hitch. It uses full size 700cc rims/tires and can max out around 200 lbs. I simple fold the clothing in half and lay it in the trailer. Check out http://www.cycletote.com/ One of several different kinds of trailer manufacturers

  11. A Burley Travoy trailer http://azurl.net/B0038LPO5Y would be perfect for picking up the dry cleaning. If it seems expensive, just think about all the money you are saving by not driving!

  12. Rick Titone · ·

    Wimped out in the cold most of this week. 2 days on the bus, 2 days in the car to work. Three car trips to the gym almost ruined my record! Finally, Friday arrives and it’s above freezing when I am ready for work. Thought I’d bike to Mockingbird Sta. then DART downtown, but it was nice enough to ride all the way. May need to get some groceries tonight, but will load up the messenger bag and bike it if needed.

    So good to be back in the saddle today – though feeling a little sore in spots that had been tougher before the holidays!

  13. @communitygardenoc @stuart – thanks for the links. Will look into both of those. I’ve been eying cargo bikes over at the site copenhagenize.come for a while – http://www.copenhagenize.com/search/label/%22cargo%20bike%22 They’ve got some incredible machines!!

  14. Not sure if this is the right spot for my first post, but here goes. Living in Bishop Arts and working on Main St. downtown makes life fairly easy when it comes to this challenge of not using a car. As a family of three we have one car and 6 bikes, one of which is an old tandem. Anytime we go anywhere in the neighborhood we ride it and almost everyday I ride the bus downtown for work. The one thing I have decided is that I am certain DART goes out of their way to be inconvenient. Between not issuing transfers, and rarely being on time they definitely add a little stress to the commute. Some days the bus will come along around 7-11 minutes late. One day as I was heading to the stop I saw it fly by 6 minutes early!

    So once this chilly weather subsides a bit, I’ll be riding one of the bikes to work more often. But as of right now, in the past two weeks I can happily say I’ve gone well over a few days without using the car. Feels good. We’ve been a one car family now for almost 4 years, and it definitely has helped us to save tons of money and I feel great about it!

  15. Phew, brrrr, pot hole!

    Well my comment this evening arrives via pony expresses from Baltilmore, MD. To quote the raven-” nevermore,” seriously! So I rented a bike from race pace in ellicott city and headed on a ride back into town. The roads are undulating both with pitch and potholes. The drivers seem to think when it is winter… You should not be biking. However there is so much more…. The history, the visuals francis scott key saw writing our national anthem, the process to protecting our soil and an American icon Edgar Allen Poe.

    My day without transportation was amazing even in a new city (thankfully the ravens play at pittsburgh) and the means of transportation did not change. I again had another wonderful week of commuting via bike and other public transit and will finish this post – posted up to a bar preparing to enjoy more of Baltimore one beer at a time…. And walking home.

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