One Car, No Car Series: A suit, a bicycle and the DART GREEN line

This past week presented a new challenge for me.  I had to be at I-635 and Luna Rd, just west of the I-35 and I-635 crossing.  From north Oak Cliff, that’s approximately 17 miles, one-way.  On top of that, I had to be there by 7:00am!

This would normally not have  warranted a posting, but the circumstances for my trip presented an unusual challenge.  The event I was going to was a conference where I needed to be dressed professionally.  My only choice was a suit and tie.  This meant I couldn’t carry my clothes and change later, but I would have to wear the suit throughout my commute.

Fortunately, two important details fell into place for my trip.  First, the new DART GREEN line has just opened, providing me with the proximity to shorten my bicycle ride.

On a side note, it’s wonderful!  The larger SLRVs, the cars that were designed for the new line, provide more capacity including better bicycle storage while riding, and level boarding.  This may not seem that important to the average cyclist, but if you use the train as part of a bicycle commute, getting on and off without having to lug your bicycle up the flight of stairs is a nice feature.  In addition, there are now specific places on the cars where you can hang your bicycle while riding comfortably along in the car.  This last point is crucial:  If you board a rather full car, your bicycle is vertical now, not horizontal, thus providing more space for non-bicyclist riders and provides them with less opportunity to be annoyed by it!

Secondly, the average daily temperature this time of year hovers in the low 60s.  The day I traveled the high was 55 degrees.  Riding in a suit and overcoat in the early hours of the morning prevented the normal sweat factor to take much hold.  Thus, I arrived looking ready to present myself to our association members as best I could.

Usually, this image is one you don’t see very often around the DFW area, unless you’re engaged in a religious rite of passage like these trendy guys below:  I certainly enjoyed the challenge my commute presented me, and also give mad love to DART for the wonderful job they did with the new GREEN line

Sponsored by Car Share Co-Op of Oak Cliff


  1. I’ve never boarded an SLRV without finding someone already sitting in front of the vertical bike hook.

  2. Were they using the hook? Usually, I stand and hold the bike and a strap when there is someone sitting behind the bike area.

  3. I suspect Shozo is talking about the fold-down seats. If someone is sitting there, the hook is unusable. Is it appropriate to politely ask someone to move?

  4. That’s a good question. since those are usually designated first priority for seniors or disabled passengers, it’s probably a going to be more circumstantial decision.

    Also, if you’re on a train during rush hours, I presume this is even a bigger issue of finding a place on the train. Anyone else have trouble boarding the new SLRVs?


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